Sunday, April 30, 2006

Max looked like he is watching the parade.

Sister S made waffles, and used the toaster to defrost the waffles. The toaster made a TING!!! sound. Now Max associates that sound with chicken. I think his ex-owner or the people at the pet hotel used to cook the chicken in the microwave for him. And he loves chicken, except it gives him diarrhoea.

Anyway, after he heard that sound, he rushed in, and started to look at Sister S. He kept following her around the kitchen, even after she kept explaining to him, that cats don't eat waffles and ice cream. And it was all an misunderstanding.

Eventually Max left in disappointment.

It is 10pm, and Spencer is still in bed. She hasn't been eating and drinking much today, so Sister S said we should keep the biscuits in her bathroom, so Spencer can get to it at night. Whah, so touched! Posted by Picasa

Chubby Max..... Posted by Picasa

Max looking for Sister J. The background music should be a song by U2: " I still~haven't~found~~~what I was looking for ~~~~."

Poor Max was so affected by the afternoon heat and humidity. When it started to rain, he didn't look as grouchy, and actually napped for a short time on the sofa, his own choice. I put a cold pack under his belly, and the fan trained on him. Maybe he is suffering from heatstroke. The only remedy I know is 刮痧。But then with all his fur, how to scrape his skin with a porcelain spoon and lashing of axe oil woh? Poor Max.....

He played a little bit just now, and ate some biscuits.

Spencer was pretty low profile today, just sleeping in her club house most of the time. And snarling at Max. Posted by Picasa

Folks, I have great news!

After 30 days of diet, disturbed sleeps, hair pulling, brain cells squashing and feline tantrums, Spencer has lost 1kg!!!!!

I thought she was lighter when I carried her, Sister J said I was delusional, and Sister S thought it was just a feeling. She finally weighted Spencer this morning, and was surprised to see the digital scale showing 7.0kg!!!

Rejoice!! Gambatte!!! 加油!!!!

We were shouting and jumping, and Spencer didn't know what the fuss was about. She thought we were making fun of her, so she stormed off.

It was good to know the hard work had paid off. Of course we still have a long way to go, I think Spencer's ideal weight should be about 5kg.

Well, perserverence is the key here! Posted by Picasa

Yes, Max has put on weight! Look at his lack of waistline!! Posted by Picasa

For certain reason, Hat knew Max is at home, and didn't come up for dinner and breakfast. I fed him and Auntycat at the garden. Spencer skipped breakfast today, and Max is so affected by the humid weather he is lethargic all day, not interested in his mouse, mandarin soccer or foil balls. His fur is getting long and thick anyway, but he will have to wait until next week, for his shave and vet treatment on his gums.

Sister S suggested giving him a cold pack. We tried that, it seemed to help somewhat. I tried to direct the fans to where he was sleeping. Poor Max, I wonder if he is having a headache. Posted by Picasa

5.20am Woke up to pee. Max still sleeping.

7am Myanmar neighbour played MP3 on their handphone. Grrrr.

8am Myanmar neighbour talked very loudly, so I woke up.

8.30am Myanmar neighbour left for airport.

8.45am Another group of Myanmar neighbour left the house. Peace. But I couldn't sleep anymore.

9am Mera came, waited by the door patiently, enquiring about breakfast.

Max is at our place. Sister J has work in Melbourne. Max has put on considerable weight, and his fur is getting longer. The fur is crinkly, the brown patches darker. He looks well. The ears and eyes are clear, but the gum is falring up again. Now he is looking more like a 6 years old tomcat.

Spencer is in a state of course. But now we have got the routine down pat. Basically Spencer just shifted camp to Sister S's room, with a new floor mat, her toys, and some peace and quiet. We don't let Max go into HER store room either.

Max slept in my room last night, on the curtain draped on the cabinet. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reached home just after 3pm, and saw Mera in the kitchen when I was unlocking the door. Spencer was sleeping under the sofa cover, no Hat.

I gave Mera some biscuits, and found that he was all muddy wet on the belly, paws and tail. After his snack, I wiped him down, and of course he hated that. I thought he wanted to nap, but he left. Posted by Picasa

7.20am Spencer started to cry for food. Sister S remained dead to the world, so Spencer came to my room. When I started to ignore her, she clawed at my elbow at lightning speed. She got her breakfast. I crashed back to bed.

9am The PAP started their campaign broadcast all over the neighbourhood, extolling the party's virtues using loud speakers. No choice but to get up.

Gave BH2 his breakfast, but he didn't like the menu, so he came to the front, and rolled on the ground in front of Auntycat and Mera. I gave Mera and Auntycat some biscuits. Auntycat is not a very dedicated eater. She would take a few bites, look around, walk one round, rub my feet, meow a few times, then resume eating. Whereas Mera would work through his pile steadily, eating the treats first.

Hat joined us much later. He didn't want wet food either. I pushed him under the sofa cover, and he started to ambush me. He is such a wimp at normal times, but when under the sofa cover, he thinks he is Kimba the White Lion! He was so aggressive even Spencer was afraid.

Spencer sniffed at the towels I was drying outside, and showed Fleschman reaction. She also clawed the morning papers. That BH2 must have been spraying on them last night. Gaah!

11am Decided I would go out after all. Posted by Picasa

BH2 came at 11pm last night. We were watching TV, Spencer asleep on the rug. Then she insisted to go out. I was shocked to see BH2 cruching biscuits, because I had just fed him tuna dinner at 9pm, and he doesn't usually eat dinner. I was going downstairs to buy food, when Auntycat stopped me, and BH2 and Hat were sitting further back. Auntycat was meowing very diligently, so all the kitties got dinner. Plus it was raining, so maybe they were all hungry.

When BH2 saw us, he started to roll on the ground, as usual, showing off his tummy and paw pads. Spencer looked on, coldly.

After a while, we shoo-ed Spencer in, and locked the door, getting ready for bed.

Then BH2 started to sing. MREOAW MREOAW MREOAW........

I jumped out of bed, opened the door and asked him to shut up. He stared at me, and sat on the floor, as if preparing to stay.

I had no choice but to spray water at him. I was afraid he might continue to sing and neighbours would complain! He left after that.

Maybe Hat told him how he could get me to open the door by singing.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

7.30am Spencer cried for breakfast. When I refused to budge, she chewed my elbow. She made an WOW sound, after she took the first bite. The she pee-ed, and screamed because no one woke up to clean after her.

8am the same kid at the opposite block screamed again for 30 minutes, still refusing to go to school. Pity their neighbours...I think I will leave them a nasty note.

8.15am Hat appeared, ate leftover biscuits and wet food, then hid under the sofa cover and ambushed Spencer.

Spencer was so upset she went to sit in her litter bin.

This is an old photo, Auntycat is a lot slimmer now, after her missing episode. Yesterday she came upstairs, and I asked her to eat in front of our house. Spencer was staring at her, and Auntycat was all spiky with all the new smells around her. However, Spencer left her to eat in peace, and Auntycat left promptly after she had her fill. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I was able to leave at a reasonable hour today. Thank God!!

When I opened the door, Mera was sitting by the door, and Spencer on the shoe cabinet. I gave Mera some biscuits, then he left. Unfortunately, Hat was on his way up, and bumped into Mera. Mera wanted to beat him, so Hat took refuge behind the old air cons the neighbour had left outside. Mera was advancing towards Hat in a menacing manner. I carried him away and put him on the balcony, then I walked away with Hat. Mera thought Hat was still hiding behind the air con, and waited for some time for him to appear. After that, Mera came back for more biscuits.

Auntycat asked for food again. That dang owner is not taking care of her at all!

After dinner, Hat still looked very depressed and tense, so I put him under the sofa cover. He had a good time, clawing at me through the cloth, ambushing Spencer, and having a peaceful snooze. Since Spencer had started to chase him everyday, Hat had been looking very sad and downcast, not as cocky as before. Posted by Picasa

6am, some stupid kid at opposite block screaming he doesn't want to go to school. Went on for 30 minutes.

7am, Mera came, meowed softly. I was too tired to wake up, because was home late last night. Spencer was sitting on my bed. Mera tried two rounds, then left through the window. Then it rained.

Spencer screamed for breakfast. I was in a coma, Sister S managed to get her some food.

Hat was singing outside, because it was cold. Sister S let him in, and he waited on the bookshelf until I woke up.

When Spencer saw me, she demanded for biscuits. Hat had a big breakfast, wet and dry. Now he is sleeping.

Last night I heard Auntycat's bells jangling downstairs. It was almost 10pm. I brought her some food, I think the owner is not bringing her home again, as the memory of her missing for 2 weeks had faded from their mind. Sheesh. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spencer screamed for breakfast at 7am. She was at Sister S's room, but after some serious singing and Sister S was still comatose, Spencer moved to my room. I gave her some wet food, but she was not satisfied until she saw the biscuits.

Hat came at 8am but I was still in bed. He left, and sang mournfully to announce his departure.

BH2 and Auntycat were around.

Last night Sister S commented that Spencer looks slimmer. It is possible, as we had been on the diet for 26 days now, and Spencer has a bit of exercises, normally kick-bite with her old socks in the morning, and ribbon chase at night.

But Spencer is trying all means and ways to eat more. Either by finishing her biscuits all at one go and demanding more, or pinching from the biscuit bowl meant for the strays when we were watching TV or on the PC. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On Sunday night, I left out some wet food for Spencer but no biscuits. She managed to eat that for her Monday breakfast, and was snoring up a storm when I woke up at 8.20am. She failed in her alarm clock duty.

Yesterday, she managed to survive on 50g biscuits and one 90g can of wet food. I think it is easier when we are working. On weekends, she would badger me endlessly for food, and finish her 10g allotment at one go.

I guess perserverence is the key here. Posted by Picasa

It is Anzac Day today.

Mera gave me his version of the dawn service, by singing at he top of his lungs at 6am. In my room.

I had to crawl out to the kitchen, open the drawer, open the bsicuit tin, and scoop out some biscuits for him. He gave me a delighted meow. Then I had to wait until he finished, so I could keep the biscuits away from Spencer. Groan.

I think BH2 and Hat finished the biscuits otside last night. The two boys were here at 9pm, BH2 sucking biscuits while Hat looked on. Then BH2 rolled on the wet corridor, asking for tummy rubs and showing off his pink paw pads. Surprisingly, Spencer didn't snarl at him. Then they left. But Hat sang at 11pm to be let in. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

5am, woken up by kids talking at the playground.

6am, Spencer poo-ed, and was swiping at the newspapers lining the bin.

7am, she chewed my elbow and meowed, asking for breakfast. She didn't like the wet food, just ate the biscuits, and went to sit outside. I read the papers with her.

Managed to sleep somemore, and woke up at 9am. Then it was laundry and house cleaning, until Hat appeared at 11am. He skipped the wet food also. I think he wanted a particular flavor. I gave his ears a good clean, and he was terribly upset. He walked around with flattened ears and accusing looks. I think he is unwell.

BH2 got double portions today, but it being quite late, he was not at his usual spot, and had to be summoned.

Hat was with him, but he didn't want to come to me, for fear of the cotton buds treatment again. I was carrying Mera, when I saw the Indian boy of the flower shop, stamping the ground to scare Auntycat. I put Mera down and walked towards the boy. He saw me, and knew I was going to wallop him. so he walked away quickly. I gave him my Darth Vader glares, to let him know that I will get him the next time. Trust me, he knew I was shooting him daggers.

Auntycat was OK, shouting at Mera in a threatening manner. When I came back with biscuits, Mera was gone. Auntycat had her biscuits in peace.

Hat eventually had some biscuits. Posted by Picasa

I was lucky enough to catch a documentary on the Queen's 80th birthday last night, on Phoenix TV. It covered her family history, her reign, her effects on the British government and society, and her family life. I knew most of this, as I am a closet Monarchist, but some parts still moved me.

I was born in Brunei, a British colony until 1982. Then I went to Australia, and they LOVE the Queen and the Royal Family. In a way, the Queen has always been there in the background, getting older, but somehow unchanged, the only Queen I had known.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Can you, like, stop the camera now?! Posted by Picasa

Mera, looking pensive.

It had rained when I reached home. Spencer was a bit irritated because she had finished her biscuits. I gave her a small bite of wet food, and her alloted amount of biscuits. She is in bed now.

MP going around the estate, as the General Election is coming.

Met Mera's mum. She told me Hat had been asking for food from her, and kindly neighbour. Mostly they would feed him. No wonder this Hat is putting on weight, and sometimes skipped one meal! He had been eating six meals a day! Auntycat rushed out when she heard my keys, I gave her some wet food. Mera's mum calls her 小丑猫, or little ugly cat. Posted by Picasa

Spencer didn't make too much a fuss this morning. She only started to shout when the alarm rang at 8am. Still some biscuits left.

Hat crept in at 8.20am, and explored the house, maybe because Sister S was not in. Spencer was tailing him, as if saying: " OI YOU DON'T ANYHOW TOUCH MY THINGS OK?!" I think Hat is ill again.

Saw Mera at the garden, and was feeding him, when Auntycat appeared also. Auntycat started to roll in front of Mera, exposing her tummy and fluttering her eyelashes, asking for food. Mera couldn't stand it, so he left the food, and let Auntycat have it. I took him up for another feed.

Spencer had pee-ed, and is resting on the carpet.
 Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Work situation is getting worse: short of manpower due to cost-cutting, no leaders due to mass exodus, top management and HR who has zero people management skills....and blind to their own faults even until now....exacerbated by the ever pig-headed CM.

We had lost our tender to one of the top prime sites, and so this year budget is blown to pieces. The only consolation I can get out of the whole situation is that the CM may be blamed for this, and he will be asked to leave in the near future.

Maybe this is all wishful thinking, but Sister S had told me before:


So I hope after this CM has run through his repertoire of madness, he will disappear. Posted by Picasa

Whah hole so small how to go out? Mera examining the grilles.

It had rained when I reached home, and Hat ate a big dinner. After that he fell asleep on the bookshelves. I think he can't take the chill.

Spencer is OK, not sucking up food as before. And not complaining too much. Posted by Picasa

Spencer woke me at 8am, but she didn't scream too much. Even after I prepared her breakfast, she didn't plunge into it. She sat outside for a long time, looking at me as if saying: " YOU SILLY WOMAN. THERE IS A PAIR OF LEGS MISSING IN THIS HOUSE AND YOU ARE JUST SITTING THERE DRINKING YOUR COFFEE???" After that we played kick-boxing, and chase-bite, then she ate a little bit. Last night I changed bedsheet, so she slept with me. Max had slept on the old one, so Spencer won't touch it.

Hat came up at 9am, ate both wet and dry food. BH2 was snoozing when I went down, and shot out from a bush when I shook my keys, half scaring me to death.

Mera was downstairs too. He ate his biscuits and treats, and wanted to chase a new calico.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The 10-40g system seemed to be working. And we gave Spencer a bit of wet food from Hat's dinner. She didn't finish it, I think she just likes the taste of it. Then she played ribbons for a while, and chase-bite.

Then Sister S left the house at 9pm, Spencer was visibly upset, even though she had been told beforehand.

Hat was hungry tonight. He had both wet and dry food. Posted by Picasa

The chinese calendar says today is 谷雨, at 1.26pm.

I think it means the first rain after the rice seedlings has been planted? Posted by Picasa