Tuesday, October 31, 2006

He tried to act cute only, pretensing to snooze after breakfast. Actually he was waiting for biscuits in bed. Posted by Picasa

Kiki dropped by last night. he had two cans of turkey.

He said hello to Spencer, who was still finishing her beauty sleep.

He found the hidden trove of catnip and had a trip.

Then he checked the messages on the long suffering orchid plant.

Then he sand for two hours. Even Spencer couldn't stand it.

I was trying to bring Kiki home at 10pm, when I saw Mera at the garden. His dad was not with him. I went down to take him to 5th floor. When he saw me, he walked towards the lift. But when we reached 5th floor, he refused to move forward, and sat on the neighbour's mat. I told him it is better to go home, as it might rain. Mera eventually went into the house.

When I came down again, it was Kiki who was loitering at the garden. I tried to steer him upstairs, but he was in a bitey mood, so I went home.

10 minutes later, I heard his owner calling him Ki~Ki~! Ki~Ki~!

Then the brother chased him upstairs, and the owner tried to lure Kiki into the house by calling Fish! Fish!

I guess it worked, because I saw Kiki sitting on the window ledge later, looking bored. Posted by Picasa

Trust me, Hat is alright. I saw him alive and well at the garden just now.

BH2 was loitering at the letter box area. He saw me and rolled on the ground several times. YB was loitering at the car park. He followed me home to have dinner. Kiki had visitors tonight.

Spencer is grooming her face, by lying on her back. Oh dear.

The rainy season has started. Posted by Picasa

I think my IXUS 500 is dying. The picture quality has become rather unpredictable. Either that, or I am having some serious hand tremors.

Spencer woke me at 7am today, because there was not a speck of food left. I fed her and went back to bed. She had her breakfast, and slept in the basket until 8am, when I woke up. I saw the ginger kitten loitering downstairs. I wonder if the uncle is still feeding them.

Hat wanted to sneak into the cat tent after breakfast. He tried that last night, and this morning. I pulled him out, and put him on the sofa. He left in a huff.

Spencer was in a rather good mood today, seemed sleepy. She went into the other room to listen to cat radio. Then they started to drill the pavements under the kitchen windows, so she went into the cat tent. Posted by Picasa

Spencer's Gotcha Day Portrait.

The bling bling pendant is the first ever Gotcha Day present I had given Spencer, even though she was secretly pining for a Gucci collar.

At first I was being a cheapskate and was thinking of getting a handphone ornament of similar design. After much consideration, I don't think the ornament would stand out on Spencer's....erm......broad chest.

The pendant doesn't hang very well, so I may have to look for an extra metal ring.

But the pendant is light, and without a bell, so Spencer seemed satisfied with it.

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And it is Spencer's Gotcha Day today.

7 years ago, on a rainy Halloween night, Sister J found her wailing at the void deck. She convinced us that this kitten was cute and had a melodious voice. Unfortunately, Spencer the Kid was ugly, skinny, with fur spiked and SCREAMING her head off. We couldn't possibly put her back again, so after one night of sleeping squeezed between the door and grilles, she was adopted.

And had never looked back.

Her first bed was a wooden mandarin orange crate with an old towel.

Happy Gotcha Day, Spencer. Sometimes you drove us up the wall, and give us much scares and worries, but we love you nonetheless. Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Be spooked..............

Trick or treat!!!!

Dress up for the ocassion.................

But be careful on the roads!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

And it is also the birthday of the diety 九皇爷. This festival is much celebrated in South East Asia.

In Singapore, devotees would take a ferry to the nearby Kusu Island, to partake in vegetarian melas and to offer their prayers. Posted by Picasa

Today is the ninth day on the ninth month of the lunar calendar, or 重阳节.

The Chinese would take a trip to the mountains on this day, as the weather has cooled, the chrysanthemum blooming, and it is suitable for trekking and exercise. A trip to a high tower may also suffice. Much poetries and couplets would be created on this day. They would also partake in nine-layered cakes made into the shape of towers. Chrysanthemum may be worn, hung at windows or exchanged as gifts.

The Japanese also celebrate this festival, with chrysanthemum being admired, celebrated, drunk as wine, or offered to the dieties to pray for longevity. The flowers may be brought home as a decoration, and put into pillows when dried, to promote sleep and cure headaches. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh. And Mera was hiding in the house yesterday, away from the thunders. I didn't even know he was in the house, until he emerged shaking his bells. I didn't remember seeing him entering the house though.

There might be a secret entrance from outside, accessible for the kitties only? Posted by Picasa

Max, way back in January this year. The long fur was definitely too much for him. He looked better vs when we first saw him in November 05.

Spencer was not hungry this morning. She slept in the basket and didn't stir until I woke up. Hat was very hungry though. The weather was dry and warm so he went to investigate the power station, and was shooed away by the Bangla workers.

I left some food for the kittens at the back of the power station, because the front was barricaded. 20 minutes later, I saw the ginger kitten approaching the food, followed by the tabby. Ginger ate first, then tabby ate the rest. Sad.

Calico was waiting at the void deck as usual, but BH2 was late, and almost missed breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Mera in July, looking pensive.

I didn't see him in the morning, but when I reached home, he was strolling at the garden. I waved at him. I think he went home with his dad.

Kiki was waiting on the corridor, while his owner was inside the house with Mayo. Kiki saw me and ran towards our house. It has been two hours ago. He had eaten 2 cans, sang very loudly in the house, and followed Spencer everywhere. I will take him home soon. Crazy tomcat! Posted by Picasa

Max the dandelion head will drop by on Thursday for a ten day stay.

Spencer slept until 8pm last night. And was still tired. I was watching TV at 10pm, and she decided to join me on the sofa. She hardly does it, only when she is sleepy and I am not ready for bed. I think so far, she only did it twice.

Spencer is not a lap cat. She doesn't cuddle, knead, kiss, give love bites, or circle our legs. When she wants to spend time with us, she would sit under the chair, lean against the wall nearest to us, or on the table. She sleeps with me, but she doesn't snuggle. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I thought I saw the one-eyed jacqueline trapped among the rubbles, so I went to have a look. She was OK actually, and could get through the barriers with ease. My footsteps attracted the calico, her kittens, Yb and Hat.

I brought them some food, and the calico went on eating, without calling her kittens. The two kittens were too scared to approach, just meowing frantically by the pavements. Quite pitiful actually. I don't know if the uncle is still feeding them. Hat and Yb had eaten.

Later I brought the food nearer to the power station, and the ginger kitty who is more bold popped its head up. We waited until it found the food. It is quite blur actually.

BH2 finished the leftover. Posted by Picasa

The pictures were lifted off cuteoverload.com. Ginger kitties rule!

It was too noisy to do any constructive today! Only managed to do the housework and go supermarket.

Spencer couldn't sleep very well, and was fidgeting and grumbling. I had to put the tent in the store room, with a new side on the giant scratch board, and a bowl of biscuits.

Mera dropped by at 3pm for afternoon tea, but didn't stay. The clouds came in with thunder, but no rain. Posted by Picasa

We finally have clear, sunny day which is not humid.

I woke up at 8am, Spencer was hungry already, but she didn't wake me.

Hat was hungry too, and he was happy to see me, for a change. He left after breakfast.

They awere drilling the pavements outside, just under the kitchen window. It was so noisy. Poor Spencer couldn't stand it either, going in and out of the store room, screaming in great agitation. And next door was moving house, so she was more distressed.

She asked for lunch, and is now sleeping in the store room. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hat came in at 8.30pm quietly, and ate biscuits. Then I gave him some wet food. He vanished after that.

I thought he had left.

At 9.30pm, I found him sleeping 4 paws up on the sofa.

He left when I went down to look for Yb. Posted by Picasa

This is an old photo, because the shoe rack is still intact. Spencer broke it some time in August.

She was in quite a good mood this morning. She tried to ambush me, and we wrestled a bit. She might have seen what Hat had done with me the day before, and thought it was fun. Hat was more aggressive of course, and used REAL claws and teeth. Posted by Picasa

I saw Mera ambushing Hat this morning, so I carried Mera up. He seemed to have forgiven me, because he actually followed me to the letterbox, and didn't growl or struggle. He even ate some biscuits in the house.

I had given calico and BH2 double portion, though I am rather worried about the kittens. I haven't seen them for days now, and the power station is still in a mess, which doesn't allow access.

I gave Auntycat biscuits, and calico shot out anf tried to rob the food. Mera, who was nearby, puffed up. Auntycat screamed. And calico retreated slightly. She had finished all the food, and still hungry. I gave her some biscuits.

I guess now Mera needs to patrol the garden more deligently, as BH2 and calico have moved into his territory, until the power station is ready again. And sicne the two are always hanging around the void deck now, they are in a more visible and vulnerable position.

Hat ate a little breakfast, and fell asleep. Posted by Picasa

I haven't seen Mera for a few days already.

Yb didn't stay last night. He had dinner, walked around the house, sniffed around, then he vanished.

Spencer was more relaxed when Yb is not around. By 10.30pm, she wanted to go to bed. I was still finishing some conversation on yahoo messenger, she started to scream. GO TO BED GO TO BED!!!!! Then she fell asleep. Posted by Picasa