Thursday, August 31, 2006

The ground is still wet when I reached home. Hat heard my keys and popped out from a dark corner. He and Spencer shared a large can, both were very hungry. After that, Hat became hyperactive again, while Spencer took the winds outside.

Then Hat jumped onto the sofa, and allowed himself to be tucked in.

I have a 9am training tomorrow. Bleh. I had told Hat and Spencer, breakfast at 7am and if they miss it, it will be after 11am. Posted by Picasa

Auntycat followed me upstairs after breakfast, and sniffed around a bit. Spencer stared at her from on top on the TV, with crooked head.

I couldn't find Mera.

BH2 and the calico had eaten, I brought down extra food for the kittens, but they were not to be seen. Posted by Picasa

It is raining again. Spencer didn't wake me, but slept on until 9am. I thought I heard Mera's bell at 6am, but he wasn't in the house.

Hat crept in, looking a bit tired, but dry. He had breakfast, and is now resting on the sofa.

I have to go and feed the others, and find Mera. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hat snuggling among the sofa cover, to escape the rain. Posted by Picasa

Auntycat popped by for dinner last night, Spencer was calm.

It is still raining. BH2 came just now, to ask Hat out, so Hat left. I hope Mera and Auntycat are alright, Spencer is sleeping in her toasty cubbyhole. Posted by Picasa

Mera slept until 3pm, then he left. Hat slept on 6pm, had a bit, then went back to bed, under the sofa cover. Spencer also had her dinner, and is contemplating where to sleep. It is raining heavily again.

I saw the uncle feeding the calico, and maybe the kittens and BH2 too. Bless his soul. He had also left a container of water. Posted by Picasa

A chilly and rainy day. Mera dropped by at 12pm, then it started to rain hard. He looked a bit upset, and went into Sister S's room. He looked troubled by something. I tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

I just found Hat, and took him up. He is sleeping on the sofa.

Spencer is already sleeping in the store room.

No wonder the calico brought out her kittens. With all these rains, they would be drowned in the drains. Posted by Picasa

The calico has transferred the kittens to an more exposed location. Most likely they are weaned, and I have to prepare food for them for now on. Posted by Picasa

Ever wonder why cats don't get acne wrinkles laugh lines or pigmentation? Posted by Picasa

See the fangs coming out already, a la Count Dracula. Posted by Picasa

There were some problems with the laptop last night, I couldn't view any webpages though the connection was good. I was on the phone with Singtel Helpdesk for 30 minutes, and they were not sure what was wrong either. At the end, it was sorted out.

Hat slept until 12mn on the sofa, then he left. Spencer slept with me.

This morning, when I woke up, she was sleeping 4 paws up belly up on my bed, snoring. Mera dropped by but didn't eat. Hat had left, after breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The rain stopped at 4pm. Mera woke up for a snack, and went back to sleep. Hat dropped by too, and surprised to see me at home. He dillied and dallied for hours, and finally jumped onto the sofa at 6.30pm, against my knee.

Spencer enjoyed the last bit of the afternoon sun, and some scritches. She wanted to chew my hand, but once the camera whirred, she retreated. She did that several times. Maybe she didn't want her naughty act to be caught on films!

Mera woke up at 6pm, waited stoically for me to finish taking his photos. Then he stormed off to the kitchen for his treats and snacks.

Spencer is sleeping still, Hat conked out on the sofa. Posted by Picasa

I gave Spencer a comb through this afternoon, 50 strokes on each side, and ended up with a big pile of dead fluff. She ran away after that, for fear of a bath. Posted by Picasa

A few days ago, Spencer got herself stuck between the wall and the cabinet. Actually she jumped in there herself, and when we looked for her, she started to cry pitifully.

I reached home just before 2pm. Spencer had been eyeing me suspiciously all morning, wondering why I was not at work. After that she got a bit excited, and wanted to bite me.

It started to rain heavily after that. Spencer wanted to sleep beside the laptop until the thunders came. Now she is in the store room. A very wet Mera ran in just now, and went straight under the bed. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dirty Mera got grease on his tail!

It was cooler today, and Spencer was in a good mood, enjoying the sunshine on the corridor. She was stretching, rolling and washing her paws. I let her stay out as long as I could, then I really had to leave for work.

Hat was here early for breakfast, he played a bit under the sofa cover, then he left. Auntycat got her breakfast too. Posted by Picasa

I think all the cats' greatest dream, is to hijack one of these vans, and haul away the content!! Posted by Picasa

This plot of grass was strewn with yellow flowers from the tree above. Actually this tree is flowering much much later than the other trees just up the road. The flowers would crunch under my feet every morning when I feed the cats. I have to watch out though, because the calico does her toilette on the grass......

I met kindly neighbour's husband this morning, and he asked me about the kittens, as he had seen them too. He was surprised that BH2 allowed himself to be caught and neutered. He saw the calico running towards me, and he asked if the kittens get to eat too.

When I reached home at night at 8.30pm, I saw the calico supervising the kittens under the tree. The kittens were wrestling, climbling, running about. Then the calico called them in, but one kitten was naughty, and continued to scratch at the tree bark. The calico kept calling, and it finally scampered away. A car drove by, and the headlight shone on them. I saw the car stopped, and the people inside were looking at the cats. I felt a bit upset, for fear of the kittens' safety, and their kittenhood, which will end soon. They really should find their own forever homes, and the only way is to be seen by the humans. I felt sad for the calico, who will lose her kittens soon.

So I brought them a big packet of dinner. Posted by Picasa

Cute Mera, becoming alert, when I brought out the biscuits with treat. And he would meow sweetly. I think he finished the biscuits I left outside today. I hope he dropped by to keep Spencer company. Posted by Picasa

The ball-less one.

It is cooler today, it rained last night. I went down to look for Hat, he had some biscuits, and left. Auntycat was also sheltering at the playground. Poor thing. Luckily she had some dinner at 8pm.

Silly Hat is ambushing everyone again. Spencer hides under the kitchen table. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 27, 2006


The breakfast club. Posted by Picasa

I know I haven't been blogging for the past few days now. Basically I was tired mentally, burnt out, due to job stress. And the hot weather didn't help either.

The kitties are well.

I have two days leave next week, so hopefully more updates on the cats. Posted by Picasa

Scary BH2 on one of his nocturnal visits. Rolling on the floor, stretching, yawning, napping, the whole works. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

For a change, I could leave work on time.

And Hat was not waiting at the garden. I rang the keys, and only BH2 and the calico appeared. I fed the calico with the biscuits I had in my bag.

Hat still hasn't appeared. Posted by Picasa

Last night I saw BH2 sleeping on the wall again. I am not sure why he does it. Maybe it is to watch his kids better, or he feels safer this way, or it is to spy on me better..... Posted by Picasa