Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogger got problem with photos again, and the USB port on the lap top is not working wither.

I just came back from visiting Miaomiao. She knew it was me when I was unlocking the door, because she didn't even bother to jump down from the couch. She didn't eat, just asked for scratchie. I closed the door, just in case she cried to be let out again, like this morning. When I refused to let her out, she snarled and bit me on the arm. I think Miaomiao only bites when she doesn't get her way. I gave her a scratchie session using the bamboo backscratcher, and she kneaded my feet, and rubbed against me.

Xiao Mimi was still very excited, and kept purring, walking up and down, and rubbing against me.

I left when I saw that Miaomiao was falling asleep. Kindly neighbour should be back by tomorrow evening.

I saw Mera at the garden, and I carried him to the 5th floor. He seemed reluctant to go home, and gave me a nip at the ankle, when we were in the lift. After that he walked very sloooooooowly towards his house, and then stopped outside. I think maybe his mum was not back yet, and no one would feed him.

Spencer gave me a good sniff and once-over when I reached home, then she bumped against me repeatedly, and complained loudly.

Hat had a big dinner, and was no where to be found.

It rained in the morning, very windy and chilly. Spencer slept with me until 7.45am, then she started her breakfast song, and purring.

Hat did come last night at 10pm to have some snacks, but he didn't stay. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sister J and I had an early dinner of roast chicken and cooked greens. Spencer slept until 5pm, and Hat slept in until 6.30pm. He didn't eat his dinner though.

I went to visit Miaomiao and Xiao Mimi again. They were OK, just not eating much. Miaomiao finished the cooked chicken left from the morning, and she chewed on her wheatgrass. She didn't allow me to touch her, and went to sulk on the couch. I found a bamboo backscratcher, and used it to pet her. She quite enjoyed that. I told her to be a good girl. I petted Xiao Mimi for a while also, but she was too excited. Posted by Picasa

Spencer was quite agitated this morning because Sister S left for airport at 6am. Spencer slept with me until 7.45am, then she started to sing. Hat came in at 9am. No signs of the calico, and Auntycat wanted biscuits today.

I went to the supermarket and when I came out, it was raining heavily. All my laundry was gone. I found Hat waiting at the void deck, and I asked him to come into the house.

The rain has stopped, but it is still chilly. Posted by Picasa

Kindly neighbour's cats, Miaomiao ( above ) and Xiao Mimi.

I went up at 1pm to have my lunch, and check on the kitties. Miaomiao was OK, a bit hostile, and kept staring at me. Then she went to her favourite spot on the couch, and had a wash. I played a bit with Xiao Mimi. She is very sweet and docile.

When I was getting to leave, Miaomiao snarled and growled, amd wanted to scratch me. I wasn't sure what was the reason. Posted by Picasa

The flowering tree at the car park. Posted by Picasa

See this guy! Posted by Picasa

I saw this cat at the lift lobby when I reached home last night. It just sat there quieltly, looking a little bit worried and timid. Hat was with me, and he chased the cat away. I went down again to look for Hat, but he was gone. I spoke to Mera's mum for a while, she told me Mera has itchy ears problem.

When I was going upstairs again, the cat was back on the staircase, with Hat. Hat skipped home with me, and the cat following behind. I checked, it is a tom. He is very docile and tame, maybe he belongs to someone at the block. I gave him some food, and hope he would find his way back home soon. He didn't try to sneak into the house or meow loudly, he just finished his food, sat outside for a while and left. Spencer was watching him of course.

Kindly neighbour is going to Malaysia for three days and asked me to help take care of Meowmeow and Mimi.

There were cats fighting at 11pm at the staircase. I went out to look, and saw BH2 beating the new tom. I chased BH2 away, the new tom just looked at me in the same timid way, and went to the 3rd floor.

Spencer slept with me. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Spencer slept with me last night, and woke me by singing on the bed at 7.45am. I fed her and slept again, until 9am. She had done her toilette, and vomitted.

Hat, BH2 and the calico had eaten, and I was looking for Auntycat. I thought she was lost, then I saw Mera at the far side of the car park. I rang my keys, and Auntycat ran out. Maybe she and Mera were having a showdown. I gave her biscuits and treats for Mera.

It is raining now. Maybe Hat will come up later. Spencer is edgy.

I was watching Jewel In the Palace the other night, and this evil character 阿烈 really lools like Hat. I think it was the pale face, long nose and huge eyes.

I still haven't finished watching the serial, because of the one month long World Cup, and I am not the type who watch 3 to 4 discs per night.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I reached home early today, and Spencer was quite puzzled. She kept talking very loudly, as if wondering about my presence. I put her on my lap, and we sat outside to take the winds. Then Hat came for his dinner, and disappeared. One hour later, Sister S screamed very loudly, as she had found Hat sleeping in her luggage, hugging her yoga mat. Oh dear. I put him on the bookshelf, but he didn't stay.

Now Spencer is sleeping on top of the same luggage, under her blankie and hugging her toy cat. Hat was here just now and sneaked into Sister S's room. Since the luggage was taken, he left. Posted by Picasa

Hat crept in at 10pm last night. I was surprised. Spencer was still taking winds outside. Hat sat at one corner and glared at Sister S, I wonder it was because he wanted to sleep in her room. After a while, he disappeared. And I found him having a pre-nap wash on Sister S's luggage. I quickly took him away and put him on the bookshelf, before Sister S found out. He fell asleep after that.

BH2 came to eat biscuits at the same time. They might have come up together. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Max sharing a bed with Sister S, while she checked on Spencer at the other side.

It rained at 6pm, so it is cooler. Hat came up to me when I was opening the mail box. I was carrying him when I saw Mera behind a pillar. I had to drop Hat and take Mera upstairs. I followed Mera home and made sure he went inside. I heard his dad said: " 你回来啦?", then I left.

I went down and rang the keys, and Hat appeared again. I put him through the window first while I unlocked the door. He ate fish and some biscuits, then he explored the house a bit, to make sure that Max was not hiding somewhere. Spencer followed him everywhere. At least now he is calmer. Posted by Picasa

Max sleeping under the bed on one of the very hot afternoons. The bed was made by Sister S, she joined two cartons together with masking tapes. It was meant for Spencer, but she won't use it.

Sister J said Max had solid poo last night. Hallelujah!

Very hot night, and still hot this morning. Spencer was sleeping on my bed sometime in the morning, in front of the tower fan.

I saw the calico in the bush. Glad she is alright. I really have to neuter she and BH2 very soon.

Spencer was in quite a state, because she was hungry and wanted to do her toilette. Posted by Picasa

This is the parcel I collected on Tuesday. On top of the A$623 I paid for the textbooks, I still had to pay $42 of GST. Argh. Maybe the amount exceeded certain level. I used to buy US$100 of books from Amazon and there was no GST charged.

Interesting postage labels on the package. "ID RECORDED" is standard, after the 9/11. "REGULAR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER", what does it mean? There is a database somewhere which records who buy stuffs online? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Feeling very ill. I am having this pain at the centre and left side of my abdomen. I am not even sure if it is cramps or muscle strains. And I feel very tired.

I rang the keys for the longest time when I reached home, looking for Hat. He didn't appear. Just when I was expecting the worse, he ran from far away, and screeched to a stop 2 feet in front of me. I was relieved. If he was caught by AVA, he would be put to death immediately, and I would never see him again. I have been feeding him since 2003.

Hat was naughty, he ran around in the garden, and refused to be carried up by me. I was trying to unlock the door, then he escaped. I went down again, and he tried to scratch me. I showed him the food on the kitchen counter. He looked around in fear, then started to eat very quickly. He stopped to change his breath, looked at Spencer shooting daggers at him, he growled, and finished his food quickly. Then he dashed out.

I think it was Spencer who was making Hat nervous. Maybe she said something to him, to make him feel unwelcomed. I think Hat will need more time to get used to being in our house again.

When I patted Spencer's head, she tried to scratch me. Posted by Picasa

The lion is back to his den. Sister J said he had breakfast today.

I didn't see Hat and the calico this morning, and I had to leave early for training. I managed to feed Mera, BH2 and Auntycat. Spencer was rather puzzled, and meowed at me loudly.

The training was a waste of time. The least you would expect is getting some knowledge, and even that was lacking. I can't believe I woke up at 7am for that, and wasted my 3 hours plus one hour travelling time. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sister J told me she was picking Max up. I was still at work so I told her not to wait for me, since Max's stuffs were all packed. I just reminded her to let Max say goodbye to Spencer, if not she gets very upset and would scream the house down.

Sister J said Max looks good.

Spencer was OK when I reached home, she talked a bit, but the smoky air is making her sleepy. She skipped dinner.

Blogger cannot upload photos tonight.

Max tried to wake me this morning by stepping all over me, kneading my quilt and purring very close to my face. Sister S said he tried the same tricks on her yeaterday, and she kicked him out from the bed. No diarrhoea last night.

The calico was meowing pitifullyin the morning, I wasn't sure what she wanted. I hope her kittens are not in danger. I have not seen her kittens actually, after all these weeks.

Hat is looking fatter. Which is weird, because I am only feeding him once a day.

Mera got his biscuits too.

Auntycat preferred to have biscuits today, and made mmmmm sounds when she was eating. BH2 bit me when he was rolling on the ground.

I had to go to the post office this morning, so I told Max I really had to leave at 9am. He just sat there looking at me. Spencer was already asleep on the kitchen table.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tomorrow is the first day in the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, marking the start of the Ghost Festival, or Zhong Yuen Festival.

The spirits of those who have pased on will be roaming, looking for food and offerings, visiting the relatives, until the 30th day of the seventh month.

Most residents will burn joss sticks and paper money, and offer food stuffs, cigarettes, clothings and sundries to the "good brothers", so they won't do any harm to the living during this period. Posted by Picasa

Saw some solid stools in the bin when I reached home. I think they belong to Max. Keeping our fingers crossed!

He wanted to eat the biscuits for the strays, and I smacked him.

Spencer was sleeping on the sofa, under the cover.

Now Max is waiting for me to hand-feed him biscuits.

Sister J should be here to pick him up tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

No diarrhoea in the bin this morning.

Max jumped on the bed and purred up a storm at 7.30am. He just sat there patiently until I decided to stir. He is becoming more affectionate as the days go by.

He didn't touch the food last night, which had lactobacillus powder mixed in it. I bought the capsules to avoid the banana flovor, but maybe Max could still smell something. If he has diarrhoea again, I have to pop the capsule into his mouth.

The yellow pillow is a catnip bag which I had made for him, big enough to bonk a mouse on the head with. It was stuffed with cotton wool and 10g of catnip, and has a strap for swinging. Posted by Picasa

It was very very warm last night, so I went to the air con room. After a while, Spencer joined me, screaming her head off. I put her onto the bed, she stepped all over me, and settled down in the crook of my legs. She has never done that before.

At 9pm, Sister S came to tell me CSI is starting. I showed her Spencer, so we quickly placed some pillows around her so Spencer could still feel enclosed and secured.

At 10pm, Spencer was sound asleep, at the spot under the alarm clock where Hat used to sleep. Max decided to join the club, but he took the other end of the bed. Luckily the two kitties didn't fight, Max fell asleep very quickly, probably worn out by the diarrhoea. Spencer snuggled under her blanket.

I woke up at 3am, to switch off the fan because I was coughing again. The cats were still in the same position, Max snuggling to Sister S, and Spencer against the bedhead. When she saw me, she shouted happily, and I gave her some biscuits. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bad news. Max had diarrhoea in front of the neighbour's house, twice. The first time was our fault because we didn't set out the bins.

The first time the neighbour exclaimed that there was poo outside the corridor, so I quickly ran out to apologize and clean up. It was VERY smelly. UGH. The wind was blowing so the smell permeated everywhere.

The second time was when Max disappeared for a while, and when I found him, he had done another poo in front of another neighbour's house. I cleaned up that one too. Double UGH.

After that Max became listless, and rest near the scratch board. I took out his cage, and he went in immediately to sleep for 2 hours.

After dinner, Sister S and I went to the nearby shopping center to get more lactobacillus powder. Posted by Picasa

Today is the 28th day of the 6th month in the chinese calendar, or 大暑 ( big heat ).

It is probably why Europe is experiencing heat waves now. Posted by Picasa

Humid day.

My coughing is worse, and my voice is hoarse. The doctor yesterday said it was post-nasal drip from allergies, and just gave me antihistamines and mucolytics, since I wasn't registering a fever. Maybe I wasn't sick in his book, but I sure feel sick alright.

Max was on my bed when I woke up coughing at 2am, and I had to switch off the fan. He came to see if I was awake at 7am, and didn't really try very hard to wake me up. I knew he jumped up the ded to look into my face again. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Mummy,

as you can see, I am well here at cat_aunty's place. Spencer doesn't growl at me as much as before, and I successfully defended our territory against all the marauding tomcats! I even managed to chase after the magpies which tried to steal our biscuits.

My eyes are not as runny as before, I have a good appetite, and cat_aunty had finally stopped giving me that horrid banana powder. My *ahem* bowel movement is back to normal.

I can't sleep very well during the day, because of the heat, and the screechy CD which cat_aunty plays. Spencer doesn't seem to have any problem though, because the coolest spot in the house is on the kitchen table, and she is not moving from there one bit! She likes screechy music.

Cat_aunty made me a catnip pillow! She said I musn't drool on it and make it dirty and slimy.

See you soon!


Maximus, Persia's best soccer player of the year. Posted by Picasa