Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We are staying in the tropics, but it being 腊八 last Saturday and spring won't be here for another 3 weeks, I do detect a chill in the air in the evenings and most mornings. Posted by Picasa

Hat patrolled the house, and decided it was safe to eat afterall, with a white lardball lurking about.

Spencer proceeded to poo. In. Front. Of. The. Boys.

They left immediately.

I think it is definitely more peaceful, with Mera in the house. It will be stuffy, with all the windows closed, but at least it is peaceful. Posted by Picasa

It was dang Kiki who sang outside at 7am.

I think he didn't go home at all last night.

Mera was snoozing on the sofa, and Spencer came to wake me.

I fed Spencer, and leashed up Mera. He saw Kiki and was growling. Kiki's hunger made him bold, and he still sneaked in behind Mera's back.

While he ate, I took Mera downstairs with a 20ft long leash. He is now resting among the bushes.

I picked up Hat on the way, but he wasn't hungry.

Spencer snored very loudly last night. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mera, in his jacket, having a post-walky snack.

Thank you, Bujang and San, for the jacket!!

The fur still has not grwon back on his buttock, but the limping is improving. The ear infection is getting better too.

Spencer gets a bit glum at times, but she is tolerating Mera in good grace.

Even Kiki who drops by, seems to understand Mera lives here now.

Hat is still sulky though, especially on rainy days. Posted by Picasa

Teddy had to be washed, because Spencer barfed on him. Posted by Picasa

I was trying to upload some pictures, but Blogger is having problem.

Anyway, another hell day at work.

This morning Mera had particularly heavy ear wax. Instead of cleaning the ear canal with cotton buds, I thought it would be faster if I pour the ear cleaning solution into the ear directly. It tickled him, and Mera flicked his head.

All the ear wax flied out, and dotted the sofa.

While I was busy cleaning up, he was eating the ear wax frantically too.


Why dis Mera eat his own ear wax?????!!!!!!

Other than that, all the kitties are well. Someone left a rug at the power station, and the calico family wrestle on it everyday after breakfast.

Calico and Yb still bicker every morning.

BH2 and Hat stare at Mera when he is leashed up in the garden.

Hat comes up once in a while for food, but Spencer chases him out all the time.

Sister S still brings Mera for walky twice a day. Then she would leash him up somewhere secluded and I would go and get him one hour later. I did have problem looking for him on some mornings.

Mera sang again at 4am. He finished all of Spencer's biscuits too.


Spencer was taking refuge in Sister S's room, but she came back to my bed after 7am, when Mera went for his walks.

Cool and breezy morning.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sister S said the old laptop is probably too old, hence it conked out, and not due to virus attack.

So we bought a new lap top last night. Sister S helped me to set up the basics, but I have to install the picture file slowly. And itunes. And Favourites.

Hope to resume blogging by end of this week.

Kitties are well. Mera had been to the vet last Saturday, and was declared in perfect health. He was given some anti inflammatory for the ear and paw, eardrop, ear cleaner, and a tonic powder.

Which I think is a bad idea, because he satrted to sing at 4am again today. The powder contains ginseng, shan yao and lotus seeds.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am gonna be out of blogsphere for a while, because my laptop was devoured by mysterious virus on Tuesday. My Norton is up to date, so I wasn't sure how it happened. Luckily sister S is back, so she let me use the laptop tonight. Sigh.....I will try to check into other kitties blogs and emails as much as I can. Apparently my picture file is safe, up to Nov 06, but all the old emails and itunes are gone.

Mera is recovering well, and other than the 4am singing sessions, he has been behaving. He is quite chummy with Spencer. His appetite is good, and the buttock is healing. Unfortunately he has an ear infection now. He is walking around with flattened left ear. I don't think it is ear mites * shudder* The vet will shake his head sadly on Saturday. I called up for appointment on Monday night. When the recep knew it was me, she went : " OH hiiiiiii " in a meaningful way, and asked me what is Mera up to this time.

San had sent me a lovely, lovely card with advice, and Bujang's walking jacket, for Mera. I had night training today, so Sister S took Mera for walky, in the new jacket. Mera almost got himself out from the jacket though, when Sister S was not paying attention. But she was lenient with him, she let him roam with the long leash. And she let him stay out on the corridor. Mera toppled the pot plants.

Spencer is alright so far, sleeping with me at night, and again at 7am. At least she doesn't over groom, unlike Mera. I couldn't sleep last night, and woke up 9am this morning. All the kitties slept in too.

Hat and friends are OK. Someone had left an old carpet for the calico family, they sit on it after breakfast, all three of them. Calico is still picking fights with Yb every morning. Bh2 is still waddling about. Auntycat drops by sometimes. Hat is looking a bit lost, because I have been busy with Mera. He would stay away and stare at us, when Mera and me sit at the park bench.

Sister S bought lots of kitties collars and toys from USA, post Xmas sales, and some cat tags. Initially she only made for Spencer " The Queen" and James Mera Bond " King of Hearts", but I aksed for one for Hat. Hat got a dog bone design, because it was the cheapest. Faintz.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Mera was sleeping on the wardrobe when I reached home.

I took him out for a walk.

We sat at the park bench for 30 minutes, and watched Hat catching cicadas in the grass. He had a great time. Then Hat stalked Yb. And Auntycat asked for biscuits.

Then Hat appeared after patrolling the 2 blocks, and resumed the cicadas catching duty.

We bumped into Kiki on the corridor, and Mera was most unhappy. He went to bed.

Kiki ate a little, snarled, and left.

So I let Mera out again, leashing him to the gate, so he can take some air with Spencer.

Mera has a vet appointment on Saturday, to...erm...remove the stitches, and to see about his right paw. There is also some oily gunks in his right ear. Posted by Picasa

Enough said.

Woke up with a headache around the right eye socket, and it got progressively worse at work.

Work situation today was not a walk in the park either. And to know it is gonna be like this tomorrow, the day after, and the weeks after, is just so demoralizing.

Missed the bus, the next bus was 15 minutes later, and it was hot and stuffy and smelly.

I had to get off one stop early, so as not to throw up. Posted by Picasa

Mera was quiet for the whole night, until 7am.

Spencer was sleeping with me, and Mera sang at the top of his voice. At least he didn't throw himself against the windows.

When I woke up, he was sleeping on Sister S's bed. Oh dear. All the bins were used.

He came down when I was preparing breakfast, and ate some sardines.

Then I leashed him and let him take some air. Unfortunately he wanted to go further away. After 20 minutes of struggle, he stomped back into the house and went back to bed. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The longer leash.

But whenever Mera wears this leash, he wants to go far. Posted by Picasa

The right paw is still giving him probelm, so he is not putting any pressure on it. And there is some sticky discharge in his ears.

We sat downstairs for 45 minutes, and Mera was getting sleepy. He whimpered a bit when I carried him upstairs, and Hat was staring at him.

He refused to come into the house, so I let him share one can of sardines with Spencer.

Spencer went straight to bed after dinner. Mera sat outside for a while grooming, wanted to go far but couldn't, and got himself pissed off. He found the scratch board and had another grooming session, then he jumped on the wardrobe at 9.45pm. Posted by Picasa

Mera: " 喂!! 开饭了吗??"

He was in his leash, and just woken up. Posted by Picasa

Reached home at 8.30pm, and Mera was still sleeping on the wardrobe. He must have jumped down some time during the day, because my study notes were in a mess again. And the bins had been used.

Spencer was sleeping under my bed.

I wanted to take Mera downstairs, but he just wanted to sit outside. I was putting out the biscuits. He smelled them, and got very excited.

Sister S is coming back on Tuesday morning. I am glad Mera can change over to my room with ease. Posted by Picasa

Mera's progress report

He conked out on the sofa, as I was burning Hyacinth by Body Shop.

Spencer decided we should have an early night, so we did. I secured all the windows and set the fan timer for 2 hours, for Mera. Spencer snoozed in her sleep box on my bed.

4am to 7am
The usual song and dance from Mera. He was screaming and trying to paw the windows, getting himself stuck between the grilles. Spencer and I ignored him.

Spencer puked. I pushed her off my bed.

Spencer came to wake me, pawing my forehead several times. She usually feels hungry after throwing up. Mera has settled down on the wardrobe.

Mera had left a pile of poo in the middle of the bathroom. UGH. Luckily they are solids. But rather smelly. All the bins were used.

Fed Spencer breakfast. Mera is still napping.

I am on duty today. It would be ideal if I have one more day of rest. But I am not the type who grovels for MC, so be it. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mera: " It is only fair I get to sleep on the sofa too! I pay rent, you know." Posted by Picasa

Spencer and Mera have been friends for 6 years, but it is a breakthrough for them to share a same couch!!

Actually Spencer was sleeping on the right hand side. Then it started to rain, so I closed the windows and door and let Mera out. He chomped biscuits, and I saw Spencer sat up and stretched. Then she gave up her warm spot for Mera.

Sweet. Posted by Picasa

I was unfortunate enough to bump into Mera's dad this afternoon, on the way from the supermarket. He asked if Mera is with me. I told him about Mera's injuries, and the possible complications. He told me I can go ahead and keep Mera, nevermind. He told me he misses Mera very much, he kept asking his wife if she had seen Mera, and he may drop by to see Mera someday. And he said he would kill those bastards, if he catches them etc etc.

I thought I should bring Mera out for a walk, since I was feeling slightly better, and there might be less mosquitoes.

Mera walked very slowly, and sat outside the house for 10 minutes. Then another 10 minutes outside neighbour's house, and he gave the nosy dog a good tongue lashing.

When Mera walked past the motorbikes, all the drivers cleaning their bikes stopped talking, and stared.

Mera just wanted to sit, so I brought him to the brick path.

Then his dad appeared.

I had to say Mera didn't exactly dance on all fours when he saw his dad. Mera just sat there on his hunches, and let the man petted him. He meowed once or twice. Mera's dad seemed more concerned about his chin scrap and the limping right paw than the more major wound on the buttock. Then he said he dreamt about Mera being badly injured, this morning *snort* He couldn't sleep after that, so he went to work. He told me he did try to keep Mera indoors, but Mera would sing at 4am. I told him Mera just wants to pee or poo, he didn't agree. Since he is staying at a corner block, I don't think he is trying hard enough! Then he went on about how cats like to roam and want their freedom, and we can't keep them indoors. I beg to differ, with Spencer, MiaoMiao, MiMi and Mayo being the best examples. Even Kiki.

The thunders started, so I brought Mera to the void deck. He sat for a little while, and we went home. The man said it was good to see Mera again. He didn't feel as bad when he didn't see his son.

I don't know. I am just not buying his acts. He can say whatever he wants. He was NOT there when Mera needed him most. Posted by Picasa

Today is the second day in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, or 大寒.

One more month exactly to Chinese New Year. Posted by Picasa

I woke up at 9am, and fed Spencer and Mera.

Mera wanted out badly, so I leashed him. Once again he didn't go far, so I brought him to one of the park benches. Auntycat and Hat approached when they heard my footsteps. I gave each some biscuits. Then Hat proceeded to sit with folded arms and stared at Mera from 6 ft away.

This went on for one hour until Mera was getting sleepy himself. Me too, because of the cold medication.

It was overcast and humid.

I fell asleep at 11am, so Spencer also settled in her basket just outside the door.

I think Mera didn't sleep, he just sat there when I woke again at 3pm. Posted by Picasa

Mera progress report

I was tired so I tried to sleep. Spencer saw me taking out her sleep box and she jumped in immediately. She slept from 7 to 10pm. I read. Mera was napping.

Had dinner. Gave Mera some biscuits and water.

Mera wanted out, and since the rain had stopped, I leashed him up. He didn't go far tonight, just resting on the pavement, looking and sniffing. I carried him home after 30 minutes, and he protested loudly. I left him sitting at the door for a bit longer.

He was trying to escape, so I put him back into the room. Spencer's turn to go out and take some air. Then Spencer decided she wanted to sleep after all.

Mera kicking up a fuss.

I woke up. Spencer was on the sofa, Mera on the floor, plotting another escape. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 19, 2007

I started to feel dizzy at 3pm, and nauseous.

I left work at 4.30pm.

Once I reached home, it started to pour.

Kiki was sitting outside his door, and ran up to me. He had two cans and some biscuits.

Spencer was awake, Mera too. Posted by Picasa

We all had a relatively peaceful night.

Spencer slept with me, in her box on my bed. I knew she came back again at 7am, and slept on until 8am.

Mera was locked in the other room, so no singing and sweeping things off the shelves.

He was hungry this morning, he actually finished one can, licking the bowl clean. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I fell asleep at 7pm.

I must be more ill than I thought.

Kiki dropped by for dinner, and pee in the bin. The one without litter. Sigh.

Spencer slept until 8pm, on the sofa. I gave Mera some biscuits and water. He ate quite a bit. Still grooming...... Posted by Picasa

No more Mr Cone head!! Posted by Picasa

I noticed that when I scratched Mera's back, the part where the tail starts, he would make a biting motion, and he must chew something. Strange. Only FatMi had the same reaction.

Mera's progress report

Sang at the top of his voice, because he wanted to poo. There are three perfectly clean bins for him to choose from. The stools were plenty and solid. After that, he calmed down and went back to sleep.

Hungry but didn't want wet food. Chomped plenty of biscuits.

Kiki appeared at the door, asking for breakfast. He knew Mera is in the room. Later Kiki fell asleep.

I came back from the doctor, and Mera was still sleeping. I gave him some water to drink. Kiki is still here, sleeping on the cabinet, and Spencer in her basket.

The weather was sunny, so I thought he might wanted a walk. The laundryman just came, so he is awake anyway. He loitered and rolled on the pavement, then the grass, then the bench. I was smart enough to bring a book along. Mera even pee on the grass. He did his usual grooming, then he patrolled another part of the garden. He was perfectly alright, until some kids started to scream. He took fright, and started to run. At first I thought it was some Indian teenagers. Later I saw that Mera is actually afraid of three kids, who were running about. Mera was so afraid, he went up to Auntycat's block, and hid at the staircase. Were the three kids the one who had abused him? Mera refused to budge, so I carried him back. He ran up the staircase by himself, very fast. Then he went straight into the room, and jumped on the bed. Kiki and Spencer still asleep.

Mera had squirmed himself out of the cone, and is hiding under the bed. I couldn't reach him.

Mera had reappeared on the bed.
All. The. Stitches. Are. Gone.
He bit them out cleanly, one by one.
I almost fainted.
Luckily there was no bleeding, and the wound had closed.
I think he swallowed the stitches too.
The vet will laugh when he hear about this.

Kiki woke up. Ate some biscuits, and I gave him some catnip to play with. He enjoyed that. Spencer went back to bed.
Now that the cone is off, Mera is cleaning his fur, one by one. Posted by Picasa

My turn to be sick....

Didn't sleep very well, and Spencer was snoring under the bed.

Mera was singing at 7am, and I refused to move. Then Spencer, who was sleeping on my bed, started to puke. UGH.

I had to get up and clean the bedsheet. Then I fed Spencer breakfast, and Mera poo in the bin. I guess he should have done it to start with. I felt really tired, so I called in sick.

Woke up again at 9am, no better. Fed the strays and went to the doctor. Doctor said it was more exhaustion than a cold.

I guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out! Posted by Picasa