Thursday, May 31, 2007

Very very tired. Shall join Spencer in bed.

Saw Mera at the void deck at 5pm. He seemed alright.
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I am being very 废 today.

I woke at 9am. Slept from 12pm to 3.30pm, while it rained from 1.30pm onwards. Spencer joined me too. Kiki came at 12.30pm. Seeing that no one opened a can for him, he left.

I hope Mera is OK, with all the thunders booming. He hates thunders.

Hat appeared at 4pm, looking for afternoon tea. He gets upset just by looking at the cage previously occupied by Mera.
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Well, I hope he recovers soon.

I myself is having sorethroat and fever.
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Mera is in medical trouble again.

He has been looking like an an-pan for a few days now, and the swelling makes his eye looks smaller. However, he still crunches plenty of biscuits.

Yesterday morning I finally decided to keep him indoors, in the cage. I gave him some antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets, and applied ointment on the wound. He whimpered and begged to be let out, and groomed himself for many hours. After he realised that he would not be released, he sulked and pulled long faces.

Yesterday evening Sister J said she could help to bring Mera to the vet, so we rushed to the vet before the clinic closed. We were the last patient.

Mera was lucky enought to get his usual vet. The wound was looking greenish, and smelly too. Mera was purring, but I think he was feeling the pain. The vet shaved off some of the fur, and drained off the pus. Then Mera was given an injection, and the usual antibiotics ointment and tablets. The vet advised a cone. And to bring Mera back if the wound does not heal in one week.

Mera slept from 9pm to 4am, then he started to sing. And shredded the newspapers, toppled the biscuits and water bowls, bang against the cage.

I woke at 5.45am to feed him. He ate a bit, and sang again.

I locked him in Sister S's room with Spencer at 7am, and I heard him using the bins.

Then he sang somemore, until 9am, when Sister S released him by accident.

He asked for tummy rubs when I saw him at the garden. I gave him some biscuits. The wound seems better today.
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Today is Vesak Day.

Show compassion in your daily deeds. Be kind to animals. Refrain from criticizing and making judgements.

Everything is transient.
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Spencer is obsessed with paper cartons.

If I have been busy or coming home late, I would bring a box for her, and she would normally forgive me.
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Stand-in ManekiNeko.

Hat has been appearing in the house twice a day, and his appetite is good. He would stay in the house after breakfast, to rest and nap.

Kiki is still his nutty self. Sister S said she saw him challenging BH2 at the void deck yesterday.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It is cooler today.

Hat was sleeping at the playground last night.

When I woke up, Kiki fell through the door. I really wish his owner is more careful with him. I don't mind feeding him, but all these loitering at night will make him more prone to illness and fights.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Apparently Max had an asthma attack last night. He gets that sometimes. He is due for a shave on Thursday.

Spencer tried to wake me at 7.45am, by meowing very loudly.

Hat had his breakfast, and stayed in the house, under the sofa. At least he kept Spencer company. But of course dad thinks Spencer would much prefer handsome Mera.
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Hat, looking alert after dinner. He was waiting for me at the staircase when I reached home. When Kiki joined us, Hat was a bit alarmed.

Mera was waiting at the void deck, as his dad was not back yet. I gave him some biscuits. His face is still swollen like a bun. Poor Mera. I bet he is having a throbbing headache now.
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Another very hot day!! This is too much.

The weirdtom was still at the power station. I am not sure what he is waiting for.

Hat was sleeping at the park bench again. He ate a little biscuits.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Maukie - the virtual cat 3

少林拳十八式 by 猫帽子师傅





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See what see! Beat you then you know!!

If Mera really gets into a fight with Kiki, I don't know, I just hope I won't be there to see it, or to clean up the mess!

Kiki has the bulk, but Mera has street-cred.
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The missing pictures....
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Hat is looking relaxed and comfortable.
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This is one GRUMPY looking tomcat.

Mera didn't appear this morning, I thought he was at home. Then I saw him in the garden at 3pm, so I brought him up for afternoon tea. Kiki was there too, so Mera was quite wary. He ate some biscuits though.

Then I noticed that his right side of the face is swollen. and I saw a big scratch on top of his eye.

Sigh. It must be courtesy of Hat yesterday. The vet told me whoever can inflict an eye wound is the stroner cat, because the opponent may be blinded.

Based on the amount of fur shed, and the wounds on Hat's tummy and neck, I gather Hat is also not much of a fighter. Maybe he just got lucky, and gave Mera a big claw on the eye.

Sigh. This Mera....
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Kiki appeared at 2pm, for afternoon tea. He is napping now.

Spencer had breakfast, and was grumbling much. She napped from 12pm to 2pm, and she insisted on having some wet food at 4pm, before she settled down for a nap again.

Hat was here just before 10am, he is looking very dirty and worn. He had a good appetite though, 2 kinds of fish and 2 kinds of biscuits. He just kept hanging around while I did housework, until he had his fill.

The other kitties are OK. I fed Macky, KK and the weirdtom. The three of them are like the Three Meowketeers.
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I finally feel more like a human, after several hours of nap throughout the weekends. I think it is the heat.
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Today is the feast day of Pentecost. It is the 5oth day after Easter, to commemorate the descend of Holy Ghosts to the disciples.

It is also the day Moses received the Torah on Mount Sinai, 50th day after the exodus from Egypt.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I really should have an early night tonight.

Spencer had already gone to bed.
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