Friday, September 30, 2005

Hat ate only half a can for dinner, and vanished afterwards.

Mera came at 11pm to crunch biscuits, and appeared again at 10am.

I was a bit late with breakfast this morning, so Auntycat was screaming and stamping her foot.

I thought I saw Hat sneaking into the house, but now I can't find him anywhere. Weird boy.

Spencer was locked into the store room by accident for one and a half hour. She did scratch the door to draw my attention. She was rather mad when I released her, but after some food, she recovered well enough.

My personal massage chair.


When the three cats are together, they always sit in a triangle. Spencer always take the furthest and safest end. If some stranger walks past, she can escape into the room immediately. Hat's basket is pretty fixed as it is, behind the sofa, so he can hide from Mera. Kiki always like to have a full view of the door or window, as he is very curious.

Just like in an office, the more senior will sit at the back row.


Whaddaya looking at? You know the power of my fist??!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

This morning Spencer attacked my big toe through the quilt.

When I was brushing my teeth, I saw Kiki loitering at the power station. I was rather worried as I did not want him to lost his way or got into a fight with BH2. Luckily, when I went down, he was already waiting under our block. BH2 was waiting under the bush, and wanted to attack me.

Hat is off his breakfast again.

Hat didn't want dinner again. I am not sure if he has poor appetite, he had eaten or he is sick. But each time he sees me he seems eager, as he rushes towards me without fail.

It rained so heavily during the day that the biscuits I left outside were soaked. Mera should be very disappointed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another scorcher today.

Kiki was waiting outside at 8am, he had some canned food and lite biscuits, not that it will help with his weight.

At 8.45am, Hat came up by himself. I just gave him biscuits, in case he wasn't hungry again. And of course after biscuits he looked at me mournfully, washing his tail slowly. So I had to open a can for him. After that he left, even though it was so warm.

Found Mera hiding in the shade of the bushes, hope he had eaten his breakfast.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hat looks like a monkey sometimes because he is so skinny and he has a pointed snout.

This morning Mera appeared at 8.20am and just sat outside quietly, waiting for me to notice him. I gave him some biscuits and he left. I think his owner didn't feed him at 8am, or he wouldn't be here so early. Poor Mera. The weather was so warm I asked him to stay indoors but he refused. I think he only comes in when we are not at home.

On his way down, he bumped into Hat on his way up. As expected, a chase ensued, and Hat had to hide behind the rubbish bin. After that Hat was so worried that he chose to sleep in Kiki's cubby hole for safety. Maybe it was cooler inside.

When I reached home at 7.50pm, I found Mera sleeping on my bed. I hope he just overslept and is not sick or injured. He didn't eat much. And bumped into Hat on his way down again. Hat managed to sneak into the house to wait for dinner.

I noticed that Hat has not been eating much lately, maybe someone else is feeding him.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Kiki having an early morning nap before his breakfast.

Actually he was here at 7.30am but there was no food, so he left. He came again at 8am and was sitting by the door looking at Spencer outside. He disturbed Spencer for a while, disappeared for a while, had a nap and had his breakfast. He wanted to pee too but I didn't let him.

Auntycat was very hungry this morning. I think she was running about in the garden last night but I was in bed already.

Hat had a little breakfast and is getting ready for bed.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunny afternoon, a good day to do laundry, and for the cats to have naps.

Mera didn't appear again after the morning's incident. Hat had his first meal of the day at noon, and snuggled in freshly laundered bedsheets. He went to bed eventually. I couldn't find BH2 so I just left the food at the power station. At one time I found him sitting together with Hat under a truck. And sometimes they would appear together at night.

Last night I reached home about 10.30pm, and didn't see any cats except Kiki. But he didn't aske for food, so we played for a while, and he left.

This morning 6.30am I was woken up by as persistent yowl. Not crying, not fighting noises, but more like complaining. I thought maybe it was Mera, so I opened the door and called him.
Sure enough, it was Mera, and followed by Kiki!

Mera was most upset by Kiki's presence, and wanted to fight with him right in front of the door. I yanked him back by his collar, and pushed him into the house. He ate his breakfast while Spencer chatted with Kiki through the grilles. Then Mera left, not before having another shouting match with Kiki at the front door. I carried Kiki up so the path was clear for Mera to leave. I opened a can for Kiki as I was not sure if he even went home last night, then I went back to bed.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mera was here at 8am and I was surprised he went to the wardrobe to curl up and sleep. He must have had a heavy night of partying.

Hat sang and came up by himself. He wanted to bite, I tapped his nose, he whimpered and withdrew. He is in one of his moods again.

This morning I was woken up by a kitten crying at 3am. I think it was the same one two days ago. It just went on and on, and I wouln't get out of bed to look for it. But I did get out of bed to find a pair of earplugs. The crying stopped at 4.30am, I hope someone had adopted the kitten. I know it is lost and hungry and scared, but by crying at 3am is not going to endear me towards it!

Mera is snoring. Spencer is getting ready to sleep as she was also disturbed this morning. Hat had left the house.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kiki is cleaning his precious tail, his pride and joy.

He came at 7.30am this morning but there was no food, so he tried again at 8.30am, and was rewarded with one and a half can. After that he washed his thighs on the kitchen table, and disturbed Spencer who was underneath the chair. Spencer swiped at his tail, and they had a small chase. But Spencer was half hearted about exercises and hid under the bed instead.

I found Mera trying to pinch Auntycat's biscuits. She was mad about it and shouted at Mera. Even though she is small sized, you don't mess with her! I quickly took Mera upstairs for a feed. After food, he glowered at Hat who was resting at the basket until he jumped up and left the house. Then Mera went to sleep on my bed. I took Hat back in. He was slinking around to check Mera's whereabouts. Mera saw him from the corner of his eys, and pretended to pounce at Hat. Hat ran away. Mera went under the bed, satisfied with a fruitful morning of work.

They were cleaning the power station, and I couldn't find BH2. I rang and rang but he didn't appear. Only after the cleaners left then I heard him meowing from the depth of the drain. He finally appeared and was so eager to eat that he pounced on the food even before I put it down. As a result, one big chunk of meat flied out. I just threw it back to him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


When I reached home at 10.30pm, I saw Kiki and Mayo at the park bench. Auntycat heard me and rushed towards us. Then I noticed BH2 also sitting at the same spot, but he being being grey, I missed him initially. So the 3 tomcats were having a pow wow, just that Mayo looked puffed up. Auntycat side stepped BH2 and ate her dinner, and since I only had one packet of food, I told BH2 to behave and wait for my return. When I went down again, BH2 was at the park bench, waiting again.

Hat appeared from the carpark after much calling, but he didn't like the dinner menu, so he just had some biscuits. He got himeself more grease marks today, one on his cheek. Hopeless.

Kiki came up with me and had his dinner. He is too fat to go through the grilles now. Last night he was trying to do it but was stuck midway. The neighbour walked past, he got panic and puffed up, and I had to push him through gently.

Mera was here since 11am, he had his morning tea and decided to sneak into the store room. By the time I discovered, he had already chewed through a bag of Friskies. That is his bad habit, he had done it many times before and was banned from the store room. There were many disturbances today so Mera went to sleep under the bed. Hat, as usual, was in his basket.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Today's story has nothing to do with cats.

When I went back to the store, my staffs told me something huge had happened. Apparently on 3pm Friday afternoon, 3 squirrels came into the shopping complex. One went to the BBQ outlet, two came into our store. They were rather large, about 2 feet across and dark brown in color. They were running about the store and hopping up on the shelves, causing confusion among the staffs and customers. Some people even mistaken them as large rats. After much screaming, jumping on chairs and squirming, security was informed but the guys were clueless on how to catch the squirrels. They were actually afraid of the animals. The squirrels eventually disappeared into the store room.

Pest control came in the evening and the store room was turned upside down, but no signs of the squirrels. They left rodent baits and rodent sticky traps. The one that went to the BBQ outlet was captured, and was said to be destroyed. He went down with a fight, scratching one of the pest control man on the face.

On Saturday morning before the store opened, one squirrel appeared in the store room, and there was another episode of screaming and jumping on chairs. During the mayhem, the two animals left the store, ran along the passageway and disappeared. Screams could be heard as they passed the early shoppers. Pest control came again to check the traps, and left without any catch.

Later we heard from the security that they were cutting down trees up the road, and the squirrels may have come from those trees.

The follies of men caused the squirrels to lose their homes and one to lose his life because men are too stupid to distinguish it from a rat. They didn't wish it upon themselves. They were probably scared as hell too. But no one started a donation drive for them; no celebrities, NGOs or charities speak out for them, no television networks have 24 hours coverage of their plights.

So why are we doing the same for the victims of natural catastrophe?


Kindly neighbour said when she popped by to feed Spencer, the cat never showed her face at all. The neighbour saw that the food bowls were empty, so she assumed the cat was alright. For the last 6 years she had been helping us when we were away, Spencer never appeared in front of her. The first time she was so worried that the cat escaped, she looked high and low for her and finally located a petrified Spencer under the bed.

When she came in, Kiki and Hat also followed her. She didn't know Kiki is a regular, so she was very worried that the cats would fight. Plus Kiki looked a bit simple-minded. I did leave instructions for her but she couldn't read them without her glasses. When she went downstairs, all the straycats follwed her because she had my keys and the cats recognised the ringing sound.

She did her job alright, managed to feed and put out litter bins so all was well.

Spencer slept until 8pm last night, woke up for a while, and went back to bed at 9.30pm.

Mera woke at 5pm, had some biscuits and returned again at 9pm, but he didn't stay. I saw his owner feeding him at 8am.

Kiki slept all the way until 5pm, only after I switched off the aircon then he started to stir. He came back again at 7.45am, saw that there was no food and left. He came back at 9am, had a small nap at the kitchen, and had his late breakfast with relish. Now he is disturbing Spencer.

Hat woke up at 3pm, had another can of food and slept until 6pm. He came back again at 10pm but left again without eating anything. He was hungry by the morning, having wet and dry food. I see that he didn't mind Spencer's lite biscuits. He is in his basket already.

BH2 is OK, he is still confused about the food.

It is going to rain soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Spencer being smug. But no one will take her seriously with that frog bell.

She has been complaining for the whole afternoon. Kiki and Hat had slept, even Mera had appeared at 1pm, eaten and getting ready for bed. Spencer had a pee and poo, eaten and screamed at the top of her lungs. Only after I shoved her on to the wardrobe then she settled down and fell asleep.


Dad's two silly dogs.

Lucky likes to sleep under the longan tree and Blacky likes to eat. Lucky has weak hind legs, and Blacky likes her tummy being rubbed. They both enjoy a good brush.

This morning they fought over a pellet of dog food, and Lucky was choking as a result. Blacky's fault actually, but Lucky gives in to her mostly.


I went to visit the stray cats family again this week. They seemed well, still scraping through. The tom was not as wary but the mother was still very protective about her kitten.

The female dog was no where to be seen, dad said she might be having another litter. Oh dear.


I reached home at 11am and it was drizzling. Spencer was meowing at me through the window, Kiki came from his house, and Hat came up from the garden even though I was using another bunch of keys. They all looked OK.

Spencer was very excited and was running about. The three cats had a chase around the house. Spencer slipped and crashed into the bedhead and hit her throat. She had to lie down after that. Now Kiki and Hat had eaten and had settled down, Hat in his basket and Kiki in the room.

Spencer had a pee and finally decided to eat. She is now sitting outside.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Kiki was drinking water and Spencer was staring daggers behind his back. I don't think Spencer really enjoys his company, or any other cats'. Sometimes Kiki would sniff at her tail or mock chase her, and she might oblige if she was in a good mood. Mostly Kiki got a whack in the face in return.


Hat was sleeping in his basket last night but it turned warm and humid. He left the basket and slept on the floor, in a classic "roast pig" position. He is very dirty as he likes to squeeze underneath the bikes cars and bicycles and gets grease all over his back.


I was cleaning the house and all the cat baskets and cushions were being sunned and cleaned. Hat wanted his nap and had nowhere to go except the foot stool. Just when he was getting comfortable, Spencer jumped on top of the sofa and demanded the same spot. After staring at each other for a while, Hat vacated the spot and went to the top of wardrobe, with a disgruntled expression. Spencer found the stool too small, and left soon afterwards.

I think Spencer really enjoys terrorising Hat.


Kiki and Mayo together at one of their outings in front of our house. Mayo always takes the backstage when Kiki is around, just like MiaoMiao and MiMi.

Mera just turned up at 9am. He didn't come in, just made sure that I saw him then he waited outside for his food. He should be hungry because we had a super big sorm at 2am with winds and thunders. The curtains flew all the way to the ceiling. Luckily Hat was still on top of the wardrobe at that time, and Spencer was hiding under the bed. I waited for Mera but he didn't turn up so I went back to sleep. This morning some cats had considerately swtched off the fan for me.

Now it is sunny so I sunned the pillows and quilt, which Hat is trying to snuggle underneath. I had explained to the cats that I will be away and kindly neighbour will feed them.

Friday, September 16, 2005


This is Spencer with her trusted Mr Sock, who has accompanied her since she was a kitten in Oct 1999. It was actually a pair of my old socks, black and white strips with national flags. Spencer liked to chew our hands since young and the habit continues but by then her teeth are long and sharp, so we have to wear the socks on our hands to protect from injury. The socks had been washed a few times and are tattered, but they must have retain Spencer's smell. Each time we wear the socks, Spencer would lie down and get ready for some kick bite action.

Spencer is now sleeping in aircon room, as she didn't sleep much this afternoon. Kiki turned up at 3pm, polished off a can in 5 minutes, went to sleep belly up at the kitchen, and did some exercise with the rattan stick. Hat was also tossing and turning, finally had an early dinner at 4pm. After that he slept better. Mera turned up too, but just for biscuits. I think he went into the house to terrorise Hat, as I heard some noises.

BH2 was not around when I went down so I gave his food to Auntycat. He turned up later, complaining dinner being late. Hat came up with me at 10pm, had a small snack, and is now sleeping in the basket.


This is Auntycat. She is very ugly but intelligent and loyal.

I gave BH2 a super big serving today but Auntycat didn't appear.

Mera was scowling downstairs. I brought him up for breakfast but apparently he wasn't hungry. I gave him a belly rub, he walked around the house to make sure no new tomcats had been here, and left. I think there is a wound on his tail.

Hat was hungry already, but the washing machine disturbed him. He is getting heavier, and I had problem carrying him with one hand. Mera is denser and heavier of course, and have to be carried like a baby so he can hang onto ones' shoulder.


I was messing around with the ipod until 1am last night. Spencer was in a foul mood and only wanted to chew on Mr Sock. She had a late dinner and was waiting for me to go to bed. First she camped next to the kitchen, then as it got later, she jumped up the pc table to sleep. She could have gone to bed herself, but maybe she was being loyal. I know she sleeps on my bed every night, belly and 4 paws up like a human.

I left the door open at the same time for Hat but he didn't come last night, even though he skipped dinner. This morning it rained at 7am, hope he and Mera are alright.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


This is the picture of a cat using an asthma inhaler. Go figure.

Hat was being a rascal this morning. He refused to eat his breakfast and refused to leave. Then he chewed up the carpet outside. Kiki turned up for breakfast, and he and Hat had a chase fight on the corridor. Auntycat and BH2 ate their breakfast willingly. BH2 finished up his food yesterday even though he complained about it.

I saw Mera loitering downstairs before I go to work. I brought him some biscuits. He was rather excited.

When I came back tonight, Hat and Mayo was having a chase fight on the corridor. Hmph.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is Kiki after he puts on weight. Haha gotcha, this is another picture lifted off from the internet.

Spencer was still in bed when I reached home, but she woke up and asked for food loudly. Auntycat was fed, Kiki was loitering downstairs, Mera I took upstairs for a feed and belly rub.

Hat came up by himself afterwards as I was busy with Mera. After dinner, he washed himeself on the corridor and hid himself underneath the neighbour's towel being dried. Unfortunately the neighbour came back and started to collect her laundry. When she unpegged and lifted the towel, Hat stared at her with his strange elliptical eyes. She screamed very loudly and I was going to rush out to apologise. But she seemed OK about it, talking to Hat and telling him not to scare her like that in the future. She even left the towel there so that Hat could continue to snuggle underneath. Hat was lucky not to have been skinned alive. And the funny thing was, she thought Hat was female.


Spencer was not doing sit-ups. She was trying to clean her tummy.

She was rather jumpy this morning. Yesterday afternoon she vomitted on the bedsheet but went to bed early at 9pm, after chewing a bookmark to death. She spoke a lot this morning, and wanted to play. I explained to her that I have to work today.

Hat was here at 10.30pm, singing a long song again. He went straight to his basket and was fast asleep soon. He is here now, only had a few bites of breakfast, and nodding off. Low pressure sysytem.

BH2 didn't like the breakfast menu but Auntycat chomped through her food.

Oh and Kiki was here last night. Spencer saw him and immediately took up post in front of the gate, maybe ecpecting Mayo. Kiki sucked up the leftovers, disturbed Spencer for a while, got his tummy stroked and left.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Mera appeared out of my room at 6.30pm, still in one piece, not foaming at the mouth. I am glad he is OK and not affected by fogging. He must have come in when I was out from 12pm to 4pm. I gave him a choice of dry and wet food.

Hat had already left at 5.30pm. BH2 also had an early dinner.

Spencer didn't sleep much. She is now snoring inside the aircon room. I think she is getting used to the cold. She used to hate the aircon so much she couldn't even stay in for 5 minutes.


I got this picture off the internet.

The fogging really made Spencer very upset just now. When it started at the far away blocks, she was already agitated and complaining. I didn't know what she want. When the team reached our block, Spencer was running about screaming, like when we bathed her. I tried to comfort her but to no avail. When the team reached our floor, it was loud and the fumes came into the house. Spencer was hiding under the bed screaming. I think she was scared of the noises, plus the fumes irritated her nose. Hat was scared, but he recovered very quickly. I heard a fogging had also been done last week. Spencer was alone at that time so maybe she was petrified and she has a bad memory of that episode.

I will be going home again on this weekend and Spencer will be home alone. I have already asked the kindly neighbour to help, as she is very reliable. If she has the keys, she can let Hat into the house and he will not be loitering about aimlessly. I will also ask her to look out for Auntycat and BH2.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope the cats will be alright.


Weather is terribly humid. And I couldn't find Mera as they are doing the fogging now for dengue mosquitoes. If Mera inhales the fumes, he would go into epileptic fits.

I hope Auntycat and BH2 will find a safe place to hide when the fogging team approaches. Hat has been here since morning so I am not worried about him. No wonder he is lost when I wasn't around, I don't think he can sleep outside now as he always comes home to sleep in his basket.


Mayo was here last night, much to Spencer's displeasure. There is no love lost between the two. They glared at each other for the longest time. Later a puffed up Kiki ( not sure why ) came in to have his dinner and sat in between the cats on the corridor. Apparently Mayo had been here for the last few nights.

Spencer went to bed at 10pm but vomitted later. Luckily I pushed her off my bed before she could unload. During my absence, she left paw marks all over my bedsheet.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Kindly neighbour told me that Hat was always in a sad state when I was not around. He would loiter aimlessly and be totally lost. She said Auntycat would also wait stoically at her corner every morning.

All is well now as the cats had all eaten, except for BH2. Hat is snuggling now in his basket. Not sleeping, but doesn't want to get up either, as it is raining.


I reached home at 11am and Spencer was sleeping on the shoe cabinet.

5 minutes later, Kiki turned up for his early lunch. It was humid so I switched on the aircon. Even before Spencer moved her butt, Kiki had shot into the room like an arrow and started to enjoy himself. Too much! He and Spencer played hide and seek for a while and left after he felt too cold.

30 minutes later, Hat slinked in so he got his lunch too. He is sleeping now in his basket.

90 minutes later, Mera turned up and had biscuits mixed with treats. He was a bit damp. He didn't stay long though.


This female dog lives with the straycats family. Sometimes I see her terrorising the cat parents, or maybe they were playing.

This dog wants to be adopted by dad, as dad feeds her sometimes, and she can see that our 2 dogs are having a grand old time. She would approach the gate and be friendly and submissive. However, Blacky doesn't like her much, and would growl and bare her teeth when this dog approaches. Blacky would also push her away using her chest, and they would have a push and shove right in front of the gate.

Lucky is OK with her though. But then Lucky is so old he probably doesn't care anymore.


I was home for 3 days and found a straycat family just across the road. They are staying on a lane in between the 2 rows of houses. The lane basically runs along everyone's kitchen. The cat parents are grey tabby so I don't understand why the kittens are yellow and white. Anyway, that's genetics for you.

The strays are skinny and sad looking, worse than any of the strays I had seen here in Singapore. I saw that they have been fed kitchen scraps and raw fish so I guess things could have been worse for them.

I was trying to approach the kittens attacking the fish. The cat mother was wary of me and meowed loudly to warn me off. She sat on the path staring at me, watching my moves. Each time the camera whirred, she jumped a bit.

The cat father was being a typical male and only appeared when there is food. The dog found him having an afternoon nap at the neighbour, hence the photo through the fence. The dog was whining at him, so 10 minutes later, he left to look for a quieter spot.