Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This silly Hat, falling asleep on my jigsaw puzzle after a big dinner.

And he swiped at it for fun, so all the pieces were broken up again. Sigh.

I had to give him a basket, so he would move away from the puzzles.

The rain has finally subsided somewhat.
Hat came up. He seemed OK, dry and warm.
After he ate, Mera chased him out.
Spencer woke up, grumbling a bit.
Kiki was here, but he got upset when he saw Hat.

Mera woke up at 6pm. It was still raining heavily outside. So he went to sit on the umbrella, and battered it for a while. I teased him with a stick, he became very energetic, and pounced on the brolly several times.

Then he went in to snack, and went back to sleep.

Silly Mera.
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Hat the cheeky monkey jumped up to the top of the kitchen cabinet, just for the fun of it.
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It was humid in the morning, then it started to rain. It is still raining 4 hours later.

Mera woke at 1pm for some snacks, then he went back to bed. Clever tom.

Spencer was affected by the pressure system, and couldn't sleep until it started to rain.

Hope Hat is warm and dry somewhere.

And of course, there is Yb. He is so sweet, but a bit crazy.
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I had a bad night last night, many weird and long dreams.
Mera came at 9am and meowed loudly to wake us. Spencer slept on, but I came out to get him some breakfast. He ate plenty of fish.
When I woke up again, he was grooming in the other room, getting ready for bed.
I am glad he wants to stay indoors again.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This is another of the ginger tom who came to our place a few days before CNY. I think he was from the opposite block, and has been around for a few years now.
He has a crooked, bunched up tail.

This was the weird tom who sneaked into the house the other night.

Actually he was crying outside earlier, because he was scared of the water. Sigh.

He has a darker yellow coat, with spots instead of stripes. A cute button nose. And also quite muscular.

Calico and her ginger girl.
The tabby mackerel and the ginger tom, I think both are calico's sons who had gone away and come back again. The ginger tom is really muscular and huge. I got a shock when he came out from the bushes.

Mera's fungus on the shoulder.

I saw one spot on Hat's back too. Not sure if it is fight-related.

Mera must have come into the house again today, because the shutters were closed again.
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Was quite relieved to see Hat tonight. He didn't appear this morning, even though ALL the cats in the neighbourhood turned up, even the one-eyed Jackie at the opposite block. Dad reckoned Hat was not informed of this important kitties meeting.

Kiki went downstairs and wanted to fight with BH2. The calico confronted one-eyed Jackie and Yb. I think calico is very protective towards her kids.

Mera appeared once I stepped into the house. He must have heard my keys. Spencer had just woken up, because I stepped on a very warm spot on the red carpet. I gave them both biscuits and fish. Mera ate some, got his treats and scritches, and left. Kiki was next, followed by Hat. Spencer attacked Kiki again. Hat ate heartily.
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Mera came up just before 9am. Kiki hid in one corner.

I gave Mera fish and biscuits. He has some bad fungal infections on his shoulders.

It looks like rain.
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I woke up at 8am, and Kiki was waiting at the gate, bright eyed and bushy tailed. He didn't go home last night! He had turkey and fish, and was whacked by Spencer.

I know Mera dropped by in the morning, because I heard him sang. He was here yesterday too, when no one was at home, because the shutters were kicked shut. I doubt Hat had so much strength. And Kiki doesn't know how to jump in, only out.

I was watching Oscar until late last night, much to Spencer's displeasure. I let her sleep on the bed, but she joined me on the sofa later.
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Hat: " uh oh..."

Mera was waiting for him on the corridor, after breakfast.
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James " Handycat" Bond: " Whoa lady, that is one badly blocked drainpipe!!! This won't be an easy job! It is gonna cost you two tonnes of kibbles! "

Spencer: " But...but...I have limited resources..."

Handycat: " Well, the blockage will become worse, and your house will be flooded by the next rain, if you don't get it done today. How about I give you a discount?"

Spencer: " I would like to shop around somemore..."

Handycat: " You have been warned lady! Hmmm, my whiskers tell me it will rain in about 34 minutes time. Get your raft ready!"

Spencer: "......"

Handycat: "....kekeke...."

Imagine, after 2 months, Mera still have a bald butt.....

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Yes it is one of those days again. Bad enough to drive a cat to drink!
I left work late, and reached home after 9pm. Luckily there was no flooding on the corridor, and no funny tomcats. Just Kiki and Hat, who sauntered into the house and ate quietly.
The only bright note: Nicole's red balenciaga dress in this morning's Oscar.

The weird ginger tom sneaked into the house last night.
He was crying outside at 6pm, when the corridor was flooded. I carried him to a dry spot and fed him. At 8pm, he decided to come and check us out. Spencer was sleeping at that time, so she didn't see him. But she knew something was amiss. She joined me on the sofa until 10pm, then it was bedtime for both of us. I was having a headache.
Mera came at 9am, surveying the outdoor swimming pool. He had two types of fish, treats, biscuits and water. Hat wanted to come up too, saw Mera, and ran away. Spencer didn't want breakfast today.
I prepared some food for the three weird toms-two gingers and one tabby mackerel; but they were gone when I went down. It was still the usual gang-calico, ginger kitten and BH2. There are two more wandering toms in the neighbourhood-one tabby white like Hat, two tabby mackerel. Groan.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today is the 8th day of the 1st month in the lunar calendar. Tomorrow is an important day, being the birthday of the Jade Emperor, or 天公诞. The prayers would normally start at 11pm on the 8th day, and go on until 1am the next day. The earlier one starts, the greater the respect paid to the diety.
The Hokkiens celebrate this day in grand fashion, as it was believed that, in olden times, their ancestors were being attacked by pirates/ Japanese pirates/ Japanese soldiers; and 天公 protected them from certain deaths, by conjuring a sugarcane/ pineapple/ durian/ banana plantation for them to hide in.
As a result, sugarcanes features prominently in the celebration. Pineapples, pomelos, bananas, apples, mandarins and melons may also be offered.
One can either offer vegetarian menu ( vermicelli, lily flower, chinese mushrooms, wood fungus, beancurds, beans, red dates, chye sim, peas, green beans ) or non-vegetarian ( suckling pig, whole roast duck, whole roast chicken-must be neutered rooster, crab, whole fish, whole goat, fish roe, pork or pig stomachs ). On top of 红龟果ang ku kueh, biscuits, 发糕, mee sua, longevity buns in the shape of peaches, puffed rice pastries 麻米姥, flowers, tea and wine. All together the total number of dishes should be 12, 24 or 36.
Paper offerings include incense, candles 天公烛, paper house 天公屋, bank notes 天公金 and fire crackers.
After the offerings, and the diety has indicated His pleasure, the family may sit down and enjoy the feast.

If Kiki leaves a will, Spencer should be in it, because this guy is spending so much time in the house and eating!

Update: 7pm The cleaners are here to open the pipe cover. The water started to drain with a great whoosh!!! We are saved!!! Spencer came out to inspect the result, and declared it satistactory.

Yes. It is flooding at the corridor outside.
I went out for cycling at 3pm. It was drizzling off and on then. Then when I reached home at 4pm, it started to rain heavily. I was thinking it might be a good thing, as the ground in front of the power station is littered with cat food residue, courtesy of the other cat feeders. Ginger and tabby kittens were grooming each other, snuggling and playing. Kiki has been here since 12pm, snacking and loitering. Spencer was snoozing in the store room. Hat and BH2 were at the carpark.
When I went out at 5pm, I was SHOCKED!! The water is about 2 in deep. Of course, if the rain is heavier or it rains for longer, the water may seep into the house in no time. GAAH!!!
Spencer surveyed the water for 20 minutes, without saying a word. She did touch the water once, gingerly. Then she came inside, screamed, and ate biscuits to calm her nerves. I will give her some Bach now.

A large lump of rock in the sitting room.

Mera really looks like Daniel Craig!!
He came up to me when I was feeding the cats, so I took him upstairs. He had a good sniff around the corridor, ate his treats, and left. BH2 and tabby kitten didn't show, but I saw them later.
Hat came up much much later, and had a loooong breakfast. Then he loitered and lingered, I wasn't sure what he wanted. Maybe he is jealous of the ginger tom last night.

It is cooler this morning.
Spencer tried to wake me at 7am. Later she slept too.
Last night there was a weird ginger tom at our door. Quite a handsome boy, long tail, dark yellow stripes. He was mewing softly, and Hat was staring at him from the window. I gave him some leftovers and biscuits. He was friendly, so I think he ran away from home. I had seen him hanging around the power station before, with tabby kitten.
Hat was ok with him, not snarling or growling.
Anothr candidate for neutering, together with the ginger kitten, if I can lay my hands on her.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mera was waiting under the signboard when I reached home. He was meowing quite pitifully. I waved at him, and he approached. When I walked away, he sprang and almost threw himself at my feet. So I carried him upstairs. He smells a bit bad.
Luckily Kiki was not out tonight, so Mera could eat his sardines and biscuits in peace. After dinner, he groomed, then went back inside the house for a patrol, then he left. He chased Yb across the carpark this morning.
I saw Hat at the playground. He didn't appear this morning actually.
Spencer threw up on the sofa and floor, stinking the whole house. I had to burn Hyacinth for 1 our to get rid of the pong. Luckily it is cleaning day tomorrow. She had eaten some biscuits, and is snoozing now in a corner. I think she is just waiting for the clock to strike 10pm then she can yell for bedtime.

New movie in town, by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I had read about it in a HongKong magazine. Predictably, a romantic comedy, with 80s music. Should be nice.
Hugh Grant sings in the movie.

Today is 人日, the 7th day in the first month of the lunar calendar.

Humid. Woke up with a headache. Also because I was woken at 5am by kids talking at the playground. I went out, and they dispersed before I could speak to them. I know which house they come from. They are all runaway kids. Useless worms.
Spencer is in a state, as Sister S is departing for US.
No sign of Hat this morning. But Mera appeared from the bushes and asked for tummy rubs. BH2 has eye infection, he ate too.
All the weird toms had disappeared. I think it was Mera and BH2 who got rid of them, hence the injuries and lost fur.
I have not seen Auntycat for 2 weeks now. Hope she is alright.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hat came up agin at 10pm last night. I wasn't sure if he was really hungry, or he just wanted to make sure Max has left. He had his Nutro biscuits.
Kiki stayed until late, snacking, resting and singing.
Spencer slept in again this morning, until 8am. Little pig!
Overcast and humid.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I almost forgot. It was Ash Wednesday yesterday, the first day of the 46 days long Lent, at the end of which will be Easter.

A better picture of the yusheng on CNY 1st day, pre-salmon.
I was rummaging for the post box key when I reached home, and Yb appeared at my feet. I had some Nutro biscuits with me, so I gave him some.
Then Kiki followed me home, when we met on the corridor. This is becoming a habit for him.
I saw Hat at the garden, so I called him.
10 minutes later, he came up too.
Hat had sardines, and Kiki had turkey and biscuits. Hat ate quickly, and ran out of the house while Spencer was in her toilette. Once Spencer had finished, she gave chase. But Hat had vanished.
Kiki ate very slowly, and had some of Spencer's chicken too.
I think Mera is at 5th floor. This morning after he had his sardines at 8am, he came up again at 9am. Seeing that I was at home, he left.
When I saw him at the garden, I gave him some treats and biscuits. He ate plenty.

Mera came up by himself this morning. He sniffed around the house, and waited outside for his sardines and biscuits. At least he comes up when he wants food and minimal petting.
Spencer slept in her box on my bed last night. I was blogging until 10pm, and she grumbled to let me know it was bedtime. Once she was in the bedbox, she groomed herself extensively, fell asleep and snored.
She was still there at 7.30am this morning. Sweet Spencer.
After that she demanded her breakfast, ate and sat outside on the corridor. She seems more relaxed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Salmon yushen with Sister S and Sister J tonight, with claypot beancurd and stir fried chinese cabbage from the zhi char stall downstairs. The plate was not big enough, hence the newpapers to protect the kitchen table.
Even Spencer joined in the lou hei. She sat on the chair and looked at us with interest, while Max tried hard to stay awake.