Monday, April 30, 2007

Kiki the Nutz strikes again.

He came earlier, and was OK with Max. They even ate in the kitchen. No snarls or growls.

Then Max got tired of waiting for me to handfeed him, he went out to the corridor to take wind.

Then Kiki attacked him. They rolled on the floor a few times, and Max managed to free himself and snarl at Kiki.

I wanted to throw something at Kiki to get rid of him. Then he jumped onto me. Ouch ouch ouch!! And he was blocking the gate.

I threw the rug at him. He shredded it.

I threw the cushions at him. He pushed them away.

Max went behind the neighbour's shoe rack, and tried to jump out to safety. Luckily he could only jump for 3 feet, and on the same spot. It was quite funny actually. Then he thought it was a better idea to lie low, so he hid behind the shoes.

Kiki stopped, and I managed to go to his house and ask his owner to come and help me.

She came with the brother, but they couldn't do anything, because Kiki was in such a state.

I used the cushions as barricades, and managed to retrieve Max.

Kiki cooled off slowly, and left.

I checked Max immediately. No wounds or bleeding.

He went into the other room, and fell asleep immediately. I made a nest for him using the pillows, and put his toys around him.

Poor Max.
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The uncle was here. I doubt he has found a job. He told me he had fed Macky BH2 and Whitekitten. He wanted to take my food to give this and that cat, I told him I must feed Hat first.

Calico showed me her tummy today. Her fur is very clean, and she is so young. Just that she has a shrewish expression.

BH2 and Macky ate again. KK, as usual,cleaned up the leftovers.
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It rained again in the morning. Spencer was in the other room but she joined me later.

I woke at 7.30am because Spencer was making a fuss about breakfast.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw MP on the floor.

The bowl was intact. He was apparently dragged from the bowl and beaten senseless. He looked a bit pale.

I hope he pulls through.
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last night I was reading in bed with Spencer. At 11pm, Max suddenly jumped onto the bed. Spencer almost passed out in fright. I had to put my self between them. Spencer stirred and turned and tried to sleep. Max conked out almost immediately.

Spencer left afterwards.

Now Max is sleeping on the sofa. He was dreaming and twitching.
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I think Max finds the floormat too warm. I had changed to a pillowcase for him. We are not in deep winter afterall.
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One of the better weekends.

The weather was sunny and windy. I had done most of the houseworks yesterday. No vomit episodes. Spencer slept through most of the day. Max spent a lot of time looking grumpy and bored. I still haven't worked out what he wants.

The uncle fed the cats at 5pm. The cross dresser fed them again at 6pm. Mera came at 8pm. He just walked past and looked in. I think he detected Max, so he ate outside. I thought he was hungry, but he ate only a little. Poor Mera.

Spencer woke at 9.30pm, shouted loudly.
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Today's dinner is rice steamed with chicken stock, Inoki mushrooms and cherry tomatoes; and pork ribs in 六味汤.

I saw the way they cooked the rice in rice cooker in one of the programs on JET, so I thought I would try. They were using 姬松耳 though.

The rice was actually quite nice, mild, moist and fragrant. I will think of different combination for next time.

I didn't realise the rice cooker looks so weird. I bought it because it was small and cute.
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Kiki was OK with Max today, no snarling and clawing.

For Max's safety and privacy, I put a floor mat in front of the radio rack. Thaat silly Kiki actually fell asleep after trying to stalk Max. And he ate some of Max's SD biscuits. I think he prefers the pellet shapes.
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Spencer having a tete a tete with MP. I think she has only realised his presence today. I caught Spencer sniffing at MP, hence she was looking guilty.

I think MP is OK though, he didn't wilt or anything.
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*knock knock*
Anybody home??

A hungry cat is an angry cat! I am going in!

I am in!
Spencer: " You broke the grilles you moron!!"

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Kiki dropped by at 5pm, and was surprised by Max. He looked lost for a while, then he pretended he was going somewhere else.
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Spencer taking the afternoon wind. Now the kitties don't like to hang around outside now, because there is a strong pong of cat urine, though I just washed the corridor yesterday.
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Max having a yawn. I cleaned his ears, because he had been scratching his left ear and chin.
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Both having their afternoon naps. Spencer went to bed earlier though. Max won't sleep until I sat outside and read newspapers. He woke up shortly afterthat, hunting for food.

Now both are sleeping again, Spencer under the bed, Max on the pc table.
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Today is Sister W's birthday!!

Happy Birthday, hope you are at a place where you want to be!
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Three best pictures of today.
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I fed that cats late today. But they were OK. Macky, whitekitten and KK were wrestling, BH2 and Yb day dreaming, Hat and Calico ran out later. KK is babysitting the kitten. Last night I saw a young guy feeding and talking to them. Later an Indian lady fed them again.

KK ate with kitten, then he polished up the leftovers from everyone else.

BH2 finished his food, then he sat in one corner, getting sleepy.

Once KK had finished, Bh2 wanted to beat him up. The white kitten just sat in the box and watched.
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Ginger, daughter of Calico.

Macky, a boy. I think he is not fully matured. He is slinky, long limbed.

The white girlkitten, a tricolor with a half tail. She looks like a little minx.
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