Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Now all eyes are on the changing political scene in Malaysia, after the General Election.

I am glad to see that 70% turned out to vote, and so far no news of phantom voters or lost ballot boxes.

It is refreshing to see, the people has spoken and chosen.

The next big one will the the Taiwan presidential election.

Raining this morning.


Can't wash my bedsheets then.

Hat is sleeping after breakfast.

Spencer doesn't like my new slippers because they make a funny sound.

Kiki just appeared for brunch.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

OK I am having problems with Blogger.

I tried to upload using Picassa, but it has been failing for the last few days.

I tried using the conventional method, via Blogger, and it says I have exceeded my photo upload quota!!!


Sister S is in Malaysia now, and it is too late in the night to think clearly.

Spencer and I are watching the election results from Malaysia on CNA.

Hat is waiting for his supper.

All the kitties are well.

I want sardines. And I WANT IT NOW!!!!

Mera was singing in the house at 6am. He was in the kitchen this time. I scrambled out of bed, and gave him some bicuits. Then he wanted to leave by the door. I didn't want to open the door for security reasons, so he jumped up the TV.

I was trying to sleep again, when I heard Mera scolding and shouting, then I heard Kiki's bell.

It must be Kiki didn't go home again, and was loitering on the corridor, when he heard me in the house. He must be running towards the door when Mera saw him, and shouted at him.

They didn't fight.

When I woke up again, the house was quiet.

I didn't see Kiki snoozing on the wardrobe until two hours later.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spencer decided to join me on the table, since it is warmer tonight.

The toms had dropped by and paid their homage, so Spencer is contented.

Blogger refused to upload my photos!!

Thank God it has finally stopped raining, and it is warmer.

Mera came up to eat sardines and lots of biscuits, he even managed some play time, until Kiki came out. Then Mera shouted very loudly, to warn Kiki off.

Then I had to move them around, and tricked them into different parts of the house.

Hat had eaten and left.

All is peaceful now.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sarah didn't die.

They saved her in time.

I was bawling my eyes out.

Hat has been staying in the house all day.
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Clever Spencer had the right idea on a cold, wet night.

Dinner by 8pm, then back to bed.
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Since Mera and Kiki had dropped by, eaten and piad their homages, since Spencer had pee-ed, eaten and spat at Hat, she decided to call it a night.
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Me is ill.

Feeling heavy headed, dizzy and feverish.

Must be the sudden change of weather.

Spencer slept on Sister S's bed for the whole night.
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I. No. Like. White. Lardball.
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Mera in the morning, quite relaxed.

Then he was here again at 8.30pm, but Kiki came.

So Mera was very upset. He just ate a bit and stomped off.

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It was drizzling this morning, but Hat was not on his usual spot on the sofa.

I was very worried, especially after Mera had turned up for breakfast, and still no signs of Hat.

Bh2 was in the pergola, meditating.

Luckily Hat appeared while I was feeding Calico, Yb and 3-Eye.

Ginger is getting quite big......sigh.
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Monday, March 03, 2008

This week's lucky number??
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Mera insisted to have sardines, so I fed him, though he already had some biscuits.

Then he screamed on the corridor, very loudly.

I went out to sit with him for a while.

The neighbour Mr Bear came back, and asked why me why I wasn't in bed yet.

I told him Mera was screaming.

He asked me: " Why leh?"

I was like, ????

So I told him I didn't know, because I don't understand catspeak.

He petted and stroked Mera for a while, then he went in.

Mera sang a bit more, then he left too.
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BH2 was intimidating WeirdTom on one of the afternoons.

This WeirdTom is very rude, he likes to sniff the other cats' backsides...
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That is me! The KING!
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Dear Auntie P...

THIS, is my braod side lah!
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Kua si mi???

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Ok, lets do a headcount once and for all. 排名不分先后.........

Fulltime-1 Spencer Alpha Female

Permanent parttime-3 Mera, Hat, Max all boys

Parttime-8 Kiki, Calico, BigHead 2, YellowBoy, Monty, 3-Eye, Muzzy, Ginger 4 girls 4 boys

Ad hoc-3 Fred, WeirdTom, AlbinoCalico 2 boys 1 girl

Pending-4 ATMcat, Blueye, OneEyeJackie, MysteriousTabbyCatAtTheBackGarden 1boy 3 girls

Migrated-1 Macky boy

Missing in action-3 Auntycat, Yakob, Whitekitty 1 boy 2 girls

Deceased-2 FatMi, KaraokeKing 1 boy 1 girl

I think thats about all?

Thank you EJ and your elephant memory........

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My new favorite daily website.


Either I am too deprived, or too tired, but the pictures do make me laugh.

Another good one is cuteoverload.com
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I was glad to see Kiki sitting on his window this morning. At least he was safe inside the house.
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